Wed Jul 8 2020 05:27:50 UTC
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20 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
241340 Base System misc bugs Open --- FreeBSD 12.1 - RC2 boot process fails. 2019-10-19
240609 Base System kern glebius Open --- iflib: Panic with INVARIANTS: sleeping in an epoch section (12.1-pre-QA) (vlan + lagg involved) 2020-04-09
241191 Base System kern melifaro Open --- route flush panic with RADIX_MPATH 2020-06-01
241047 Base System kern net Open --- iflib: fail to compile kernel on FreeBSD 12.1-BETA2: Fatal error: ifdi_if.h file not found. 2020-01-14
241106 Base System kern net Open --- tun/ppp: panic: vm_fault: fault on nofault entry when bringing ppp interface down 2019-12-11
241101 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) x11 Open --- i915kms working with 12.0 but not 12.1-BETA3 2020-03-09
241048 Base System kern markj In Progress --- After r349840, OOM reported when swap space is available. 2020-03-02
240608 Base System kern pkelsey In Progress --- if_vmx(4): iflib - Panic with INVARIANTS: Memory modified after free (12.1-pre-QA) 2020-04-18
240729 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED ThinkPad T420s - suspend/resume does not work after 12-STABLE (rev?) -> 12.1-BETA1 update 2020-04-26
241118 Base System misc bugs Closed FIXED [boot] 12.1-BETA3 installer hangs before loader menu 2019-12-22
241258 Base System bin bugs Closed FIXED Error building 12.1-RC1 from 11.3, "jevents" program getting a sigsegv in /usr/src/lib/libpmc/pmu-events 2019-11-07
240928 Base System bin dim Closed FIXED clang segfault when compiling with -march=bonnel (CPUTYPE=atom in make.conf) 2019-10-03
239704 Base System kern erj Closed FIXED ixgbe(4): Only one queue (of eight) enabled on 12.0-RELEASE (ProLiant DL380 Gen10) 2019-10-01
240320 Base System kern erj Closed FIXED ixgbe: EEE state change causes core dump on X552 2019-10-16
240610 Base System kern erj Closed FIXED iflib: Panic with INVARIANTS: general protection fault when kldunload'ing (12.1-pre-QA) 2019-10-01
236724 Base System kern marius Closed FIXED igb(4): Interfaces fail to switch active to inactive state 2020-06-14
233952 Base System kern markj Closed FIXED if_jme: Does not send/receive packets after 11.2 to 12.0 upgrade 2019-10-01
239118 Base System kern markj Closed FIXED iflib: Panic in ether_output_frame on ESXi 2019-10-04
240640 Base System bin sef Closed FIXED zfs send -n -P -i is broken after r344601 2019-10-09
240837 Base System kern tuexen Closed FIXED crash with 12.1-BETA1 2019-10-05
20 bugs found.