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35 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
25125 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED fsck kernel crash 2001-05-28
25198 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED kernel crash on fsck 2001-06-02
38285 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED Memory leak in kernel (proc-args) 2002-06-24
74856 Base System threads threads Closed FIXED dig/host broken w/ libthr 2005-04-05
75758 Base System kern phk Closed FIXED Hard system hangs on tty code 2005-01-25
114808 Base System kern bugs Open --- [panic] Kernel panic when use USB SpeedTouch ADSL modem (net/pppoa) 2017-12-31
138503 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ale Closed FIXED lang/php5 - Incorrect pkg-plist for custom apache installation 2009-09-07
148807 Base System kern net Closed Not Enough Info [panic] "panic: sbdrop" and "panic: sbsndptr: sockbuf _ and mbuf _ clashing" (8.1-RELEASE/10.1-STABLE/11-CURRENT) 2018-09-04
155407 Base System kern lstewart Closed FIXED [tcp] Exhausted net.inet.tcp.reass.maxsegments block recovering tcp session 2012-08-21
166187 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) lev Closed FIXED devel/subversion: incorrect dependencies for subversion-static 2012-04-01
167361 Base System bin glebius Closed FIXED [patch] pmcstat(8) crashed if symbols found (striped image) 2012-06-05
181520 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) thierry Closed FIXED mplayer/mencoder failed to build with net/liveMedia 2013.08.16 2013-12-24
182851 Base System kern melifaro Closed FIXED thread-unsafe handled routing tables 2015-10-18
215468 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-bugs Closed FIXED www/grafana3 install phantomjs binaries wrong architecture 2017-01-30
217637 Base System kern tuexen Closed FIXED One TCP connection accepted TWO times 2017-10-02
218011 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) zi Closed FIXED net-mgmt/net-snmp: Always pass valid flags to getfsstat() 2017-04-14
242038 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) hselasky Closed FIXED sysutils/mstflint: Update to 4.14.0-3 with LITE support 2020-08-03
192168 Base System bin bugs New --- resolver cannot use link-local IPV6 servers 2015-05-26
196760 Base System misc re Closed FIXED freebsd-update on 9.3R leaves sshd with Undefined symbol "ssh_explicit_bzero" 2015-12-30
199669 Base System bin bugs Closed DUPLICATE freebsd-update break sshd 2015-12-30
204336 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) timur Closed FIXED net/samba42 don't packaged w/ disabled LDAP 2017-12-18
205517 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) amdmi3 Closed FIXED net/luasocket don't include unix domain socket support 2016-09-08
207261 Base System kern net Open --- netmap: Doesn't do TX sync with kqueue 2020-01-26
207262 Base System kern net New --- NETMAP with kevent don't process incoming packets in different thread 2019-01-10
216554 Base System kern net New --- LACP integer divide fault 2017-01-30
218270 Base System kern net Closed FIXED panic: sbsndptr: sockbuf (...) and mbuf (...) clashing 2018-09-04
224114 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-bugs Closed FIXED www/p5-Protocol-WebSocket version (update to 0.2300) 2018-03-04
230465 Base System kern net In Progress --- ixl: not working in netmap mode 2021-06-22
248045 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) joneum Closed FIXED www/nginx lua-nginx-module need to upgrade 2020-07-18
199675 Base System bin fs New --- zfs scrubbing and resilvering speed report overflow 2020-07-20
199807 Base System bin bugs New --- comm incorretly report common and different lines 2015-04-30
212708 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED aio cross-process memory corruption 2017-01-19
212821 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) pgsql Closed FIXED databases/postgresql96-server missmatch account name 2018-01-14
218043 Base System kern mav New --- ZFS ARC hit regression 2017-07-27
239051 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) krion Closed FIXED benchmarks/fio build CPU-depended package 2020-04-30
35 bugs found.