Thu May 28 2020 22:51:47 UTC
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18 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
246604 Base System bin bugs New --- When the device is missing a filesystem, mount(8) cites the device as non-existent 2020-05-20
203864 Base System kern fs Open --- ZFS deadlock between zfs send, zfs rename and ctrl-C 2020-02-04
232816 Documentation Documentation doc Open --- Corrects error in new ports' summary standard format 2020-02-09
233696 Documentation Documentation doc Open --- Porter's handbook: Makes clearer the official policy about port signatures 2020-02-09
219713 Ports & Packages Ports Framework python New --- Create virtual category for django ports (/usr/ports/*/django-*) 2017-09-27
219707 Ports & Packages Ports Framework koobs Open --- New virtual categories for "fusefs" sysutils/*fusefs* and django (*/django-*) ports 2019-04-09
239144 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-bugs Open --- Identify generic RC framework extensions to improve ports script debugging 2019-08-02
237830 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-secteam Open --- security/vuxml: split vuln.xml by year, use includes to read them, test tools if all is fine 2019-05-20
233368 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) marcus In Progress --- ports-mgmt/portlint: Provide users with some explanation for warnings/errors 2019-04-05
204210 Services Bug Tracker bugmeister New --- Improve & clarity "needs special attention" email test 2015-11-02
204243 Services Wiki koobs Open --- Inaugurate Team: Wiki Admin 2018-04-13
200435 Services Bug Tracker bugmeister Open --- Auto-Assigner: Assign to Reporter if reporter=committer and maintainer(s) != committer(s) 2018-02-17
207274 Services Bug Tracker koobs Open --- Request: WONTFIX status 2016-02-17
238813 Services Bug Tracker koobs Open --- Some anti-spam improvement 2019-06-26
198271 Services Bug Tracker mmokhi Open --- Auto-Assigner: IF attachment "is patch" THEN set maintainer-approval flag value (to + or ?) based on <condition> 2018-05-23
206203 Services Bug Tracker mmokhi Open --- Implement is_deletable flag attribute for "flag can't be undefined once it has a defined value" 2018-05-23
204173 Services Bug Tracker koobs In Progress --- Improve & clarify flag descriptions (which show as tooltips) 2015-10-31
205044 Services Bug Tracker koobs In Progress --- [META] Setup new community-based issue (bugzilla) triage/management team (exp-run) 2016-04-14
18 bugs found.