Thu Sep 23 2021 20:01:58 UTC
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11 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
248103 Base System kern bugs New --- Multicast valid (vlan)interfaces do not get vif "Invalid phyint address" 2020-08-03
233617 Base System kern net New --- kldunload if_ix could crash system in iflib 2018-11-29
251226 Base System kern net New --- ixgbe: resume from real S3 suspend resets the whole system (Intel X520 NIC) 2020-11-18
256375 Base System kern net New --- iflib/if_em: unplugging network cable causes huge KTorrent slowdown 2021-09-15
228852 Base System kern shurd New --- e1000 back-to-back unable to negotiate link... 2018-06-19
217287 Base System kern bugs Closed Not A Bug if_em: "Off by 8" error in network streams under -CURRENT as of roughly Feb 1 2017-11-07
253958 Base System kern bugs Closed DUPLICATE wg: ifconfig wgN destroy panic 2021-03-02
242159 Base System kern net Closed FIXED [em] I219-V connection lost under load 2020-11-20
252642 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) philip Closed FIXED net/aquantia-atlantic-kmod fail to load on CURRENT > r353868 2021-03-08
252265 Base System kern virtualization Closed Overcome By Eve ESXi: network connectivity issues after snapshoting FreeBDS VM with vmxnet3 interfaces 2021-05-14
248652 Base System kern vmaffione Closed FIXED iflib: netmap pkt-gen large TX performance difference between 11-STABLE and 12-STABLE/CURRENT on ix & ixl NIC 2021-05-18
11 bugs found.