Thu Feb 20 2020 00:22:15 UTC
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15 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
223729 Base System bin bugs New --- rpcinfo (and probably rpcbind) do not seem to support IPv6 addresses 2018-01-30
232191 Base System kern bz New --- udp6 <- udp_input MC change 2018-10-17
232346 Base System kern bz New --- raw_ip hash -> raw_ip6? 2018-10-17
233172 Base System kern bz New --- Add IPv6 support for netdump 2018-11-12
237270 Base System bin bugs Open --- pam_opieaccess does not support IPv6, or documentation is lacking 2019-08-12
232193 Base System kern bz Open --- in6_pcblookup_hash_locked() needs locking and inp validation possibly 2018-10-17
232348 Base System misc bz Open --- IPv6 TODO 2018-11-12
243675 Base System kern bz Open --- netinet6: Incorrect IPv6 checksum output packets with extension headers 18:44:17
197351 Base System kern net Open --- lagg(4): Panic removing IPv6 addresses from member interface 2019-05-07
230228 Base System bin bugs Closed Not A Bug pkg works with ipv4 / but not ipv6 2018-07-31
232018 Base System bin bz Closed FIXED [PATCH][bhyve] Add IPv6 support to VNC frame buffer server 2018-10-31
232194 Base System kern bz Closed FIXED rip6_input() needs inp validation 2018-10-31
231045 Base System kern kp Closed FIXED ipv6 fragment reassembly broken 2018-10-09
237753 Base System kern rmacklem Closed FIXED base system build fails if WITHOUT_INET6=yes due to unused variable in nfsdumpstate.c 2019-05-06
219250 Base System kern vangyzen Closed FIXED panic: in6_ifattach_linklocal: ia == NULL (assigning ipv6 addresses) 2018-11-28
15 bugs found.


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