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17 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
194965 Base System kern bugs New --- [boot] BTX Halted - ZFS errors - after upgrade 2019-01-08
201624 Base System kern bugs New --- BTX halted using 10.x with root on ZFS supermicro AMD 2019-01-08
234741 Base System kern bugs New --- Loader fails to load from ZFS with strip sets using raw disks 2019-01-27
252183 Base System kern bugs New --- 12.2 fails to boot after upgrade 2020-12-28
255080 Base System arm freebsd-arm New --- U-Boot build for Raspberry Pi 4 (arm64) does not boot from MicroSD card slot 2021-06-06
239244 Base System bin sysinstall New --- Installer: Do not switch the console to graphics mode 2019-08-19
79833 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED [boot] BTX crashes on boot when using Promise TX2Plus SATA controller (PDC20375 ) 2019-01-08
94166 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED [boot] btx halted with a flashcard plugged 2019-01-08
118571 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED [boot] [request] fix BTX issues when booting FreeBSD 7 from a USB CD-ROM 2019-01-07
122493 Base System kern bugs Closed FIXED [boot] BTX Halted - Cause is Promise Fastrack SATA PCI 4 Port card 2019-01-08
126666 Base System i386 i386 Closed Not Enough Info [boot] [hang] boot failure for nForce 630i / GeForce 7100 mainboards 2021-07-08
176052 Base System kern imp Closed Overcome By Eve [boot] [patch] libi386: Do not unnecessarily cast away const 2021-07-07
121275 Base System usb usb Closed FIXED [boot] [panic] FreeBSD fails to boot with usb legacy support enabled 2021-07-08
253611 Base System bin bugs Closed Works As Intend Boot loader screen graphics broken after update to 13.0 BETA2 2021-05-24
234811 Base System arm imp Closed Not A Bug Beastie boot loader garbled, does not clear screen before drawing 2021-07-07
244640 Base System misc kevans Closed FIXED [Patch][Lua loader] Implement missing "read-conf" 4th command 2020-05-09
254152 Base System misc oshogbo Closed FIXED [zfs] can not boot with option rewind 2021-03-18
17 bugs found.


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