Thu Sep 23 2021 20:21:17 UTC
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70 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
203891 Base System kern bugs New --- Consider supporting linux' sync_file_range() 2020-07-12
232940 Base System bin bugs New --- Investigate poor ncsd performance reported in bug 230491 2018-11-03
243212 Base System kern bugs New --- High CPU usage when set affinity on multiple CPU 2020-03-30
256594 Base System kern bugs New --- AMD Ryzen CPU stutter (responsiveness lag) 2021-06-18
231065 Base System arm freebsd-arm New --- USB-Disk not at full speed 2018-08-31
207022 Base System kern fs New --- stat() 4 to 16 times slower on FreeBSD/UFS than on Linux/Ext4 2020-07-11
256375 Base System kern net New --- iflib/if_em: unplugging network cable causes huge KTorrent slowdown 2021-09-15
254513 Base System misc virtualization New --- virtio_random: random_harvestq spinning on a CPU with Q35 virtio random device Sat 19:43
212681 Base System kern xen New --- I/O is slow for FreeBSD DOMu on XenServer 2017-03-25
230996 Base System kern net Open --- em/igb: Intel i210/i350: ifconfig: enabling "vlanhwtag" renders VLAN on i210/i350 NICs unusable Sat 00:05
228397 Base System bin bugs Open --- freebsd-update: painfully slow on upgrades between major versions 2021-07-20
237290 Base System conf bugs Open --- [PATCH] build(7): PORTS_MODULES does not build in parallel 2020-04-17
244034 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) chromium Open --- www/chromium: Performance issues 2020-04-15
242732 Base System arm freebsd-arm Open --- Slow boot on Raspberry Pi 2B (armv7) on 12.1-RELEASE 2019-12-26
256836 Base System conf freebsd-arm Open --- powerd: Enable by default on Raspberry Pi images 2021-06-29
238229 Base System kern fs Open --- zfs: scrub exceeds I/O qlen scrub_max_active limit, causes latency on 11.3-BETA1 2019-06-01
242747 Base System kern geom Open --- geli: AMD Epyc+GELI not using Hardware AES 2021-01-20
220866 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) koobs Open --- ports-mgmt/portscout: Implement CPAN SiteHandler 2017-08-27
234550 Base System kern net Open --- Performance regression in em(4) driver with bridge/tap and used with bhyve 2020-09-28
237072 Base System kern net Open --- netgraph(4): performance issue [on HardenedBSD]? 2019-04-10
247111 Base System kern net Open --- pxeboot very slow with i219LM 2021-08-31
256217 Base System kern net Open --- [tcp] High system load because of interrupts with RACK 2021-07-17
258623 Base System kern net Open --- cxgbe(4): Slow routing performance: 2 numa domains vs single numa domain 11:20:19
246245 Ports & Packages Ports Framework portmgr Open --- Mk/ Increase ccache hit ratio 2021-07-13
210457 Services Mailing Lists postmaster Open --- Mail forwarded from list to members fails DKIM/SPF/DMARC authentication on recipient side 2018-05-25
244356 Base System usb usb Open --- Writing to a USB 3.0 stick is very slow 2020-08-01
247964 Base System usb usb Open --- Low read throughput on Sandisk Extreme external SSD Mon 08:14
253261 Base System kern virtualization Open --- AWS EC2 disk I/O performance is extremely bad 2021-05-13
227770 Base System wireless wireless Open --- run(4) driver does not support modification of the txpower level using ifconfig(8) 2018-12-15
205044 Services Bug Tracker koobs In Progress --- [META] Setup new community-based issue (bugzilla) triage/management team (exp-run) 2016-04-14
233543 Base System bin mm In Progress --- bsdtar: enable xz threads support 2021-07-08
245689 Base System kern asomers Closed FIXED Chmod performs unnecessary access calls (FUSE fs) 2020-07-14
221700 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) koobs Closed FIXED lang/python??: Add closefrom(2) support to subprocess on FreeBSD 2019-11-29
253417 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) adamw Closed Works As Intend editors/neovim: Add LTO option 2021-02-16
203922 Base System kern alfred Closed FIXED The kern.ipc.acceptqueue limit is too low 2016-03-20
233949 Base System wireless avos Closed FIXED rtwn(4): RTL8192CU packet loss 10-25% (EDIMAX N150 Nano USB Adapter) 2021-01-23
204212 Services Bug Tracker bugmeister Closed Works As Intend Evaluate/Test switching from mod_cgi to mod_perl 2018-05-04
211361 Base System misc bugs Closed FIXED suggested boot partition size is too small, bsdinstall creates unaligned partitions 2017-03-12
230491 Base System bin bugs Closed FIXED stat(1): Improve performance with getpwuid() and getgrgid() caching 2018-11-03
238838 Base System kern bugs Closed Not Enough Info cpufreq: HP X3421 could not turbo boost to 3.4GHz 2019-07-14
239672 Base System gnu bugs Closed Works As Intend gcov: Optimize list traverse by two passes 2019-08-08
212147 Ports & Packages Package Infrastruc clusteradm Closed Overcome By Eve Slow speeds from the bme mirror for Telekom customers 2017-07-19
247493 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) dbaio Closed FIXED sysutils/py-bitrot: Update to 1.0.0 2020-06-29
248675 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) dbaio Closed FIXED devel/py-six: Update to 1.15.0 2020-09-04
240548 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) desktop Closed Overcome By Eve x11-toolkits/vte3: Loops over all possible file descriptors 2021-05-18
240549 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) desktop Closed FIXED devel/dbus: Loops over all possible file descriptors (Use closefrom(2)) 2021-05-14
244665 Base System kern fs Closed Overcome By Eve zfs: Very slow NFS I/O during resilver - _sleep() sleeps really long... 2020-05-07
248342 Base System kern fs Closed Unable to Repro Bad performance Zvols+CTLD with windows clients 2021-04-19
203732 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) gecko Closed Overcome By Eve www/firefox: High CPU usage when playing HTML5 video when audio/alsa-plugins is built with BUFSZ_P2=off 2020-03-19
222356 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) gecko Closed FIXED www/firefox: file-backed shared memory performance 2018-10-30
226388 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) java Closed Overcome By Eve java/openjdk8: work around a clang6 bug on armv6 and armv7 2018-10-31
256783 Ports & Packages Ports Framework kde Closed Overcome By Eve Mk/Uses/ Some cmake ports builds twice 2021-07-29
221696 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) koobs Closed FIXED sysutils/py-diffoscope: Tests run significantly slower on FreeBSD than on other platforms 2019-11-29
236716 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) madpilot Closed Feedback Timeou net/ntopng: pfSense ntopng Port - Historical graph inaccurate 2020-08-01
242828 Base System bin markj Closed FIXED diff: -rq still does full file comparison 2021-01-09
240121 Base System kern mav Closed FIXED Serial console can eat a lot of CPU with low baudrate 2019-10-31
234570 Base System kern net Closed FIXED em(4) 12.0 regressions: Does not function after resume, hw.em.{txd,rxd} ignored 2019-01-15
242070 Base System kern net Closed DUPLICATE if_vmx: scp on 12.1p1-RELEASE is painfully slow 2020-04-19
243869 Base System kern net Closed DUPLICATE ESXi v6.0 with VMNET 3 driver sluggish performance 2020-02-08
253421 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) pkubaj Closed FIXED databases/mongodb44: add LTO option 2021-02-15
190532 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-bugs Closed FIXED ports-mgmt/portmaster: New feature request: rebuild/reconfigure only failed ports 2016-01-18
221233 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ports-bugs Closed Not A Bug security/sshguard: version 2.0 acts like a fork bomb with syslogd pipes 2017-12-11
234194 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) riggs Closed FIXED multimedia/ffmpeg: Prefer dav1d for decoding 2019-03-16
248401 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) rodrigo Closed Works As Intend net/rsync: Enable xxh3 and xxh128 hashes 2021-01-17
254333 Base System kern rscheff Closed FIXED [tcp] sysctl net.inet.tcp.hostcache.list hangs 2021-06-24
240090 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) sunpoet Closed Not A Bug security/nettle: Enable fat library build on amd64 / arm 2019-10-04
253415 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) tcberner Closed FIXED graphics/opencv: add HARDENING and LTO options 2021-02-11
241958 Base System kern tuexen Closed FIXED Enable option TCPHPTS in the kernel causes a large % of interruptions if there is no HPET eventtimer in the system 2021-05-28
237429 Base System misc virtualization Closed Works As Intend bhyve: Performance regression after 12 upgrade 2021-08-05
248652 Base System kern vmaffione Closed FIXED iflib: netmap pkt-gen large TX performance difference between 11-STABLE and 12-STABLE/CURRENT on ix & ixl NIC 2021-05-18
70 bugs found.