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Mirrored drives: they lived long and happily, and died together on the same day
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ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
228920 Base System bin brd New --- PkgBase -- core codebase pieces in place for 12.0 release 2018-09-20
234886 Base System bin bugs New --- shutdown not installed with setuid bit in pkgbase 2019-01-11
235223 Documentation Website doc New --- Removal of RCS from base system underdocumented, violates POLA 2019-02-07
228962 Base System bin sjg New --- Pkgbase include manifest for verified-exec signing 2018-09-05
221750 Base System kern pkgbase Open --- kernel packages: incorrect post-install script (kldxref) when packaging multiple kernels 2017-09-15
223673 Base System misc bugs Closed FIXED pkg base (i.e. "make packages") produces nonreproducible output with make -j 2017-11-17
216476 Base System misc gjb Closed FIXED tree(3) manpage included in 2 packages: FreeBSD-runtime-manuals and FreeBSD-bsnmp 2017-05-17
217197 Base System misc gjb Closed FIXED PkgBase repo: use relative symlink for latest to allow repo to work after being moved 2017-04-21
8 bugs found.