Wed Sep 22 2021 14:50:12 UTC
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18 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
249522 Base System bin bugs New --- wc(1) prints leading spaces before the count, which appears to not be POSIX-compliant 2020-09-23
256416 Base System conf bugs New --- keymaps: fix for ABNT2 not working as expected 2021-06-11
182466 Base System kern bugs Open --- [headers] [patch] make <resolv.h> self-contained 2018-07-04
220246 Base System bin bugs Open --- syslogd does not send RFC3164-conformant messages [PATCH] 2020-06-19
24590 Base System standards standards Open --- timezone function not compatible witn Single Unix Spec v2 2021-02-04
256952 Base System kern bugs Open --- kqueue(2): Improve epoll Linux compatibility (compat/linux/linux_event) 2021-09-05
233211 Base System bin bcran In Progress --- 11.2-RELEASE freezes Gigabyte motherboard 2021-07-14
245103 Base System kern net In Progress --- [patch] [ipv6] IPv6: update v6 temporary address lifetime according to rfc4941bis 2020-12-16
170403 Base System standards tijl Closed FIXED wrong ntohs expression type tickling clang 2018-09-22
238580 Base System bin bugs Closed Works As Intend ifconfig(8): respect defines from 'sys/netinet/ip_carp.h' 2019-11-29
254013 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) ehaupt Closed Not Accepted sysutils/most: poor default colors unreadable on bright background terminal 2021-04-18
200933 Base System standards glebius Closed FIXED syslog is not RFC-compliant when receiving remote UDP messages 2019-01-14
209877 Base System standards kib Closed FIXED #defining lint trashes _Noreturn, violating C11 2018-09-22
240295 Base System standards numerics Closed Overcome By Eve math(3): Add Complex Arithmetic functions and their hyperbolic counterparts 2019-10-21
244035 Base System standards toolchain Closed Not Accepted C++ compiler pretends to support C++11 but does not have <cuchar> 2020-02-11
243231 Base System kern tuexen Closed FIXED TCP/ECN - RFC3168 specifies retransmissions not to be marked ECT in the IP header 2020-01-25
250499 Base System kern tuexen Closed FIXED [tcp] Should we reject the packet with timestamp if no timestamp in SYN and SYN_ACK? 2021-01-28
237752 Base System standards yuripv Closed FIXED LC_TIME keywords violate POSIX 2020-03-09
18 bugs found.