Thu Feb 20 2020 18:55:24 UTC
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16 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
207255 Base System kern bugs New --- UEFI not working with Acer Aspire E5-571G-55TR 2016-04-04
209213 Base System bin bugs New --- UEFI Loader shows only black screen with Nvidia GTX970m - kernel output normal 2017-04-18
209275 Base System kern bugs New --- Cannot utilize both serial and efi console with UEFI booting 2019-04-05
209821 Base System misc bugs New --- UEFI - installation media hangs when booting on ASUS P6P67 DELUXE 2020-02-05
210412 Base System kern bugs New --- UEFI boot and console problems on 2008 Mac Pro w/ 10.3-RELEASE 2016-07-02
219957 Base System misc bugs New --- FreeBSD Install freeze using UEFI 2018-12-23
221813 Base System kern bugs New --- Mechanism is needed to utilize discontinuous memory segments supplied by the EFI and other boot envs 2019-09-16
232536 Base System kern bugs New --- Unable to install bare metal on Dell PowerEdge T630 with H730P 2018-10-26
234665 Base System misc bugs New --- Output of init(8) is suppressed in UEFI mode with QEMU 2019-09-16
234743 Base System kern bugs New --- kernel won't boot in UEFI mode on Intel DG45ID motherboards 2019-09-16
234321 Documentation Manual Pages ygy New --- uefi(8): incorrect argument to gpart bootcode 2019-07-03
238856 Base System kern bcran Open --- EFI_STAGING_SIZE can be too small with large kernel and/or modules: should be dynamic 2019-09-16
176694 Base System kern kevans Open --- [kvm] KVM Guest Crash at Boot - kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled [regression] 2018-04-03
195819 Base System kern virtualization Open --- TSC calibration can hang FreeBSD in Hyper-V Generation 2 VM 2016-08-11
194641 Base System kern bugs Open --- [EFI] boot/loader.efi: miscompilation on Intel Haswell with AVX2 and CPUTYPE=native 2019-09-16
204674 Base System kern bugs Open --- [PATCH] boot1.efi remove consolecontrol as it's not in the UEFI specs 2019-09-16
16 bugs found.