Mon Jun 21 2021 23:31:03 UTC
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17 bugs found.
ID Product Component Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
193277 Base System kern bugs New --- Kernel crash after a few minutes/hours when aplications want to write something to disk. 2015-06-23
200397 Base System bin virtualization New --- [bhyve] bhyve crashes in Linux KVM on AMD Host 2015-10-20
212073 Base System kern virtualization New --- Crash and reboot immediately:when running dhclient tap0 after bhyve starts 2016-10-27
213055 Base System bin virtualization New --- bhyve guest crashes when second disk is added 2016-10-01
250580 Base System kern virtualization New --- VMware UEFI guests crash in virtual hardware after r366691 2021-05-14
250865 Base System bhyve virtualization New --- Usage of recent windows virtio-blk driver crashes the bhyve VM 2020-11-05
203473 Base System kern avg Closed FIXED ZFS files server crash: solaris assert: start < end in trim_map.c 2015-11-17
215972 Base System kern avg Closed FIXED Bhyve crash more then 1 cpu AMD 2019-02-20
232084 Base System bin grehan Closed FIXED bhyve crashes with SIGSEGV under NetBSD guest and xhci 2020-07-10
241467 Base System bhyve jkim Closed FIXED bhyve crashes after import ACPICA 20191018 2019-10-24
232081 Base System kern kib Closed FIXED 12.0-BETA8 crashes under 11.2+Bhyve on Phenom-II (unemulated clflush [ebx]) 2019-04-09
249133 Ports & Packages Individual Port(s) lifanov Closed Overcome By Eve sysutils/packer emulators/virtualbox-ose ubuntu vm boot from packer crashes, continually reboots 2021-03-20
238333 Base System bhyve markj Closed FIXED bhyve random crash in rfb.c on FreeBSD current (after r346011) 2019-06-26
229007 Base System kern mav Closed FIXED [zfs] kernel crashes on remove disk 2018-10-19
235010 Base System kern virtualization Closed FIXED bhyve: Linux guest crash due to unhandled MSR 2019-07-12
241399 Base System bhyve virtualization Closed DUPLICATE Bhyve crashes, won't start 2019-10-24
253521 Base System bhyve virtualization Closed FIXED bhyve crash with e1000 emulation 2021-02-17
17 bugs found.