Base System

Base Operating System, Tools and Components

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee
alpha freebsd-alpha (Nobody)
Architecture (alpha) specific
amd64 freebsd-amd64 (Nobody)
Architecture (amd64) specific
arm freebsd-arm (Nobody)
Architecture (arm) specific
bhyve freebsd-virtualization (Nobody)
bhyve kernel and userland
bin freebsd-bugs (Nobody)
All other sources
conf freebsd-bugs (Nobody)
Configuration files
gnu freebsd-bugs (Nobody)
GNU sources
i386 freebsd-i386 (Nobody)
Architecture (i386) specific
ia64 freebsd-ia64 (Nobody)
Architecture (ia64) specific
java freebsd-java (Nobody)
Java support
kern freebsd-bugs (Nobody)
Kernel sources
misc freebsd-bugs (Nobody)
powerpc freebsd-ppc (Nobody)
Architecture (powerpc) specific
riscv freebsd-riscv (Team)
Architecture (RISC-V) specific
sparc64 freebsd-sparc64 (Nobody)
Architecture (sparc) specific
standards freebsd-standards (Nobody)
Standards conformance issues
tests freebsd-testing (Nobody)
Test suite, framework and unit tests
threads freebsd-threads (Nobody)
Threading issues
usb freebsd-usb (Nobody)
USB issues
wireless freebsd-wireless (Nobody)
For wireless issues