Supporting Systems and Services for the FreeBSD Project, Community and Development

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Component Default Assignee
Bug Tracker Bugmeister
FreeBSD Issue Tracker Accounts, Administration & Management -
Code Review Phabric Admin
Code Review System Management (Phabricator) -
Core Infrastructure Cluster Admin
Core Infrastructure Administration. Servers, Subversion (Repository), DNS, etc
Coverity FreeBSD Coverity
Coverity Scan for FreeBSD code auditing and analysis.
FTP/WWW Sites & Mirrors FreeBSD Mirror Admin
FTP/WWW Sites & Mirrors
Forums Forum Adminstrators
FreeBSD Forums Administration -
FreeBSD Update Security Team
FreeBSD Update Infrastructure & Management. Not freebsd-update(8) command.
Git Integration Git Admin
FreeBSD Github Organisation Management and Repository Integration
Mailing Lists postmaster
FreeBSD Mailing List Administration and Management
Portscout Ryan Steinmetz
Portscout DISTFILE Monitoring Service -
Portsmon FreeBSD portsmon user
Ports Monitoring Service -
Portsnap Colin Percival
Portsnap Service Infrastructure & Management. Not portsnap(8) command
Security Team Security Team
FreeBSD Security Team (secteam)
Testing & CI Jenkins Administrators
Testing and Continuous Integration Services and Management -
Trash nobody
Spam, Junk & Test Issues. May be removed (deleted) at any time.
Wiki FreeBSD Wiki Admin
Wiki Administration & Management -