Bug 193967

Summary: Makefile in sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi lacks correct paths for uudecode, bzip2, and dd
Product: Base System Reporter: Byron Grobe <grobe0ba>
Component: kernAssignee: freebsd-bugs (Nobody) <bugs>
Status: New ---    
Severity: Affects Some People    
Priority: ---    
Version: CURRENT   
Hardware: amd64   
OS: Any   

Description Byron Grobe 2014-09-27 07:42:23 UTC
Makefile in sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi for creating an EFI boot image does not have hard coded paths for uudecode, bzip2, and dd. make -C /usr/src installworld fails when it cannot execute the utilities. Confirmed on two separate machines, both running 11-CURRENT. Patch follows.

B. Atticus Grobe

diff --git a/head/sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi/Makefile b/head/sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi/Makefile
--- a/head/sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi/Makefile	(revision 272180)
+++ b/head/sys/boot/amd64/boot1.efi/Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -64,10 +64,10 @@
 boot1.efifat: boot1.efi
 	echo ${.OBJDIR}
-	uudecode ${.CURDIR}/fat.tmpl.bz2.uu
+	/usr/bin/uudecode ${.CURDIR}/fat.tmpl.bz2.uu
 	mv fat.tmpl.bz2 ${.TARGET}.bz2
-	bzip2 -f -d ${.TARGET}.bz2
-	dd if=boot1.efi of=${.TARGET} seek=${BOOT1_OFFSET} conv=notrunc
+	/usr/bin/bzip2 -f -d ${.TARGET}.bz2
+	/bin/dd if=boot1.efi of=${.TARGET} seek=${BOOT1_OFFSET} conv=notrunc
 CLEANFILES= boot1.efifat