Bug 108980 - list of missing man pages
Summary: list of missing man pages
Status: In Progress
Alias: None
Product: Documentation
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Manual Pages (show other bugs)
Version: Latest
Hardware: Any Any
: Normal Affects Only Me
Assignee: Mark Linimon
URL: https://wiki.freebsd.org/MissingManpages
: 51480 (view as bug list)
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Reported: 2007-02-09 15:50 UTC by onatan
Modified: 2018-08-11 11:05 UTC (History)
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Description onatan 2007-02-09 15:50:13 UTC
Many man pages reference man pages that are gone or were never there.
They should be fixed.


Yes, please do. :)
How-To-Repeat: For example, the line "Missing au_notify(3) From bsm 3" means if you'll read
bsm(3), you'll find a reference to au_notify(3) - but there's no au_notify(3).

Here is the littly (buggy) script I wrote for it:

# Blame: Yonatan <onatan at gmail dot com>
# bash is not ideal for this job, evidently.
rm -f $TMP1 $TMP2 $TMP3 $TMP4 $TMP5
touch $TMP1 $TMP2 $TMP3 $TMP4 $TMP5

# compile two lists: one of man pages (TMP4)
# and one of man pages with origin (TMP3)
for A in `jot 9`; do
  for B in `find ${DIR}/man${A}/ -name \*.${A}.gz`; do
    C=`basename $B .${A}.gz`
    man -M $DIR $A $C  > $TMP1
# Remove first and last line from man pages
# because the common practice is to name ls(1) as LS(1)
    D=`cat $TMP1 | wc -l`
    tail -n `expr $D - 1` $TMP1 | head -n `expr $D - 2` | grep "[a-zA-Z0-9_]([1-9])" | sed 's/[-a-zA-Z0-9_\.]*([1-9])/\
/g' |  grep "[a-zA-Z0-9_]([1-9])" > $TMP2
    cat $TMP2 | sed "s/$/:$C $A/" | sort | uniq >> $TMP3
    cat $TMP2 >> $TMP4

# Remove dups
sort $TMP4 | uniq > $TMP5

# identify what's missing and bitch about it
for A in `cat $TMP5`; do
  B=`echo "${A}" | sed "s/[()]/ /g" | awk '{print $2, $1}'`
# Checking for the file's existance is probably
# a better idea than letting man(1) find it.
  man -M $DIR $B > /dev/null 2>&1
  if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    sed -n "s/^.*$A.*:/Missing $A From /p" $TMP3

rm $TMP1 $TMP2 $TMP3 $TMP4 $TMP5

# Script ends here 

--- lostmanpages.txt begins here ---
Missing BCE(4) From bce 4
Missing BCE(4) From if_bce 4
Missing BUS_ALLOC_RESOURCE(9) From bus_setup_intr 9
Missing BUS_ALLOC_RESOURCE(9) From bus_teardown_intr 9
Missing LALR(1) From yacc 1
Missing LALR(1) From byacc 1
Missing LR(1) From yacc 1
Missing LR(1) From yacc 1
Missing LR(1) From byacc 1
Missing LR(1) From byacc 1
Missing MS_RET(1) From microseq 9
Missing NOTE(1) From chpass 1
Missing NOTE(1) From chfn 1
Missing NOTE(1) From chsh 1
Missing NOTE(1) From ypchpass 1
Missing NOTE(1) From ypchfn 1
Missing NOTE(1) From ypchsh 1
Missing RAND_add(3) From random 4
Missing RAND_bytes(3) From random 4
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From scheduler 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kproc_shutdown 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kproc_start 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread_create 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread_exit 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread_resume 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread_suspend 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From kthread_suspend_check 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From curpriority_cmp 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From maybe_resched 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From resetpriority 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From roundrobin 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From roundrobin_interval 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From schedclock 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From schedcpu 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From sched_setup 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From setrunnable 9
Missing SYSINIT(9) From updatepri 9
Missing Sendmail(8) From vacation 1
Missing VFS_EXTATTRCTL(9) From extattr 9
Missing VFS_INIT(9) From VFS 9
Missing X(1) From csh 1
Missing X(1) From tcsh 1
Missing X(7) From agp 4
Missing X(7) From agpgart 4
Missing X(7) From bthidd 8
Missing au_get_state(3) From libbsm 3
Missing au_get_state(3) From bsm 3
Missing au_notify(3) From libbsm 3
Missing au_notify(3) From bsm 3
Missing au_notify_initialize(3) From libbsm 3
Missing au_notify_initialize(3) From bsm 3
Missing au_notify_terminate(3) From libbsm 3
Missing au_notify_terminate(3) From bsm 3
Missing au_stream(3) From libbsm 3
Missing au_stream(3) From bsm 3
Missing au_to_attr32(3) From audit.log 5
Missing au_to_header32_ex(3) From audit.log 5
Missing au_to_header64_ex(3) From audit.log 5
Missing audit(1) From auditreduce 1
Missing audit(1) From audit 4
Missing audit(1) From auditpipe 4
Missing audit(1) From audit_control 5
Missing audit(1) From ports r7
Missing audit(1) From auditd 8
Missing audit_write(3) From au_free_token 3
Missing bftp(1) From telnetd 8
Missing bn(3) From ilogb 3
Missing bn(3) From ilogbf 3
Missing bn(3) From ilogbl 3
Missing bn(3) From libmp 3
Missing brelse(9) From vinvalbuf 9
Missing bremfree(9) From vinvalbuf 9
Missing bsdlabel(5) From boot_i386 8
Missing bsdlabel(5) From boot 8
Missing bus_get_resource(9) From bus_set_resource 9
Missing cifplot(1) From lpr 1
Missing cipher(3) From crypt 3
Missing cipher(3) From crypt_get_format 3
Missing cipher(3) From crypt_set_format 3
Missing crypto(3) From libmp 3
Missing cvsup(1) From make.conf 5
Missing cvsup(1) From development 7
Missing db_open(3) From aliases 5
Missing dca(4) From sio 4
Missing device_detach(9) From device_quiet 9
Missing device_detach(9) From device_is_quiet 9
Missing device_detach(9) From device_verbose 9
Missing device_set_softc(9) From device_get_softc 9
Missing dhcp(8) From dhclient 8
Missing dhcpd(8) From dhclient.conf 5
Missing dhcpd(8) From dhclient.leases 5
Missing dhcpd(8) From dhcp-options 5
Missing dhcpd(8) From dhclient 8
Missing dhcpd(8) From dhclient-script 8
Missing dhcpd.conf(5) From dhclient.conf 5
Missing dhcpd.conf(5) From dhclient.leases 5
Missing dhcpd.conf(5) From dhcp-options 5
Missing dhcpd.leases(5) From dhcp-options 5
Missing dhcrelay(8) From dhclient 8
Missing dhcrelay(8) From dhclient-script 8
Missing disklabel(5) From getdiskbyname 3
Missing disklabel(5) From cd 4
Missing disklabel(5) From da 4
Missing disklabel(5) From md 4
Missing disklabel(5) From vinum 4
Missing disklabel(5) From vn 4
Missing dm(8) From intro 6
Missing dumpdir(8) From restore 8
Missing dumpdir(8) From rrestore 8
Missing eeprom(8) From dc 4
Missing eeprom(8) From gem 4
Missing eeprom(8) From hme 4
Missing eeprom(8) From if_dc 4
Missing eeprom(8) From if_gem 4
Missing eeprom(8) From if_hme 4
Missing emacs(1) From csh 1
Missing emacs(1) From tcsh 1
Missing emacs(1) From sh 1
Missing emacs(1) From m4 1
Missing emacs(1) From vt220keys 1
Missing emacs(1) From info 5
Missing emacs(1) From texinfo 5
Missing errno(3) From libmagic 3
Missing errno(3) From snmpmod 3
Missing eventlib(3) From bsnmpd 1
Missing exit(2) From execve 2
Missing exit(2) From kse 2
Missing exit(2) From vfork 2
Missing exit(2) From wait 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_create 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_exit 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_release 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_switchin 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_thr_interrupt 2
Missing exit(2) From kse_wakeup 2
Missing exit(2) From wait3 2
Missing exit(2) From wait4 2
Missing exit(2) From waitpid 2
Missing exit(2) From daemon 3
Missing exit(2) From stdio 3
Missing exit(2) From atexit 3
Missing exit(2) From exit 3
Missing exit(2) From _Exit 3
Missing exit(2) From pmclog 3
Missing exit(2) From pmclog_open 3
Missing exit(2) From pmclog_close 3
Missing exit(2) From pmclog_feed 3
Missing exit(2) From pmclog_read 3
Missing exit(2) From pthread_exit 3
Missing exit(2) From audit_event 5
Missing exit1(9) From kthread 9
Missing exit1(9) From kproc_shutdown 9
Missing exit1(9) From kproc_start 9
Missing exit1(9) From kthread_create 9
Missing exit1(9) From kthread_exit 9
Missing exit1(9) From kthread_resume 9
Missing exit1(9) From kthread_suspend 9
Missing exit1(9) From kthread_suspend_check 9
Missing foobar(1) From groff_mdoc 7
Missing foobar(1) From mdoc 7
Missing foobar(1) From mdoc.samples 7
Missing g77(1) From make.conf 5
Missing getauclassnam_r(3) From libbsm 3
Missing getauclassnam_r(3) From bsm 3
Missing getaudit_addr(2) From audit 2
Missing getaudit_addr(2) From auditon 2
Missing getaudit_addr(2) From getauid 2
Missing getaudit_addr(2) From setauid 2
Missing getaudit_addr(2) From audit_submit 3
Missing getauusernam_r(3) From libbsm 3
Missing getauusernam_r(3) From bsm 3
Missing gethostname(2) From ntp.conf 5
Missing gpg(1) From enigma 1
Missing gpg(1) From crypt 1
Missing hosts.allow(5) From ftp-proxy 8
Missing hosts.deny(5) From ftp-proxy 8
Missing httpd(8) From tcpdrop 8
Missing iconv(3) From kiconv 3
Missing iconv(3) From kiconv_add_xlat16_cspair 3
Missing iconv(3) From kiconv_add_xlat16_cspairs 3
Missing iconv(3) From kiconv_add_xlat16_table 3
Missing iconv(9) From kiconv 3
Missing iconv(9) From kiconv_add_xlat16_cspair 3
Missing iconv(9) From kiconv_add_xlat16_cspairs 3
Missing iconv(9) From kiconv_add_xlat16_table 3
Missing idmapd(8) From mount_nfs4 8
Missing ifmedia(4) From cue 4
Missing ifmedia(4) From kue 4
Missing ifmedia(4) From if_cue 4
Missing ifmedia(4) From if_kue 4
Missing imapd(8) From security 7
Missing inet6d(8) From kame 4
Missing ioctl(4) From ndis_events 8
Missing ip(6) From ipfw 8
Missing ipcomp(4) From ip6 4
Missing ipsec_set_policy(8) From ipsec 4
Missing ipsecctl(8) From ssh 1
Missing ipsecctl(8) From slogin 1
Missing iptest(1) From ipresend 1
Missing iptest(1) From ipf 5
Missing iptest(1) From ipf.conf 5
Missing iptest(1) From ipf6.conf 5
Missing ipwcontrol(8) From ipw 4
Missing ipwcontrol(8) From if_ipw 4
Missing isa(4) From device_set_driver 9
Missing isakmpd(8) From ssh 1
Missing isakmpd(8) From slogin 1
Missing ispell(1) From ee 1
Missing ispell(1) From ree 1
Missing ispell(1) From edit 1
Missing kerberos_rpc(3) From rpc 3
Missing key(1) From keylogout 1
Missing key(1) From less 1
Missing key(1) From more 1
Missing key(1) From keylogin 1
Missing key(1) From publickey 5
Missing key(1) From ftpd 8
Missing key(1) From lukemftpd 8
Missing key(1) From newkey 8
Missing keyinit(1) From opiepasswd 1
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs5 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From k_afs_cell_of_file 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From k_hasafs 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From k_pioctl 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From k_setpag 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From k_unlog 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs_set_verbose 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs_settoken 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs_settoken5 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From kafs_settoken_rxkad 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From krb5_afslog 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From krb5_afslog_uid 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From krb_afslog 3
Missing krb5_appdefaults(3) From krb_afslog_uid 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_ccache 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_close 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_copy_cache 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_cursor 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_default 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_default_name 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_destroy 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_end_seq_get 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_gen_new 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_get_name 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_get_ops 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_get_principal 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_get_type 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_initialize 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_get_version 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_next_cred 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_ops 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_register 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_remove_cred 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_resolve 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_retrieve_cred 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_set_default_name 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_set_flags 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_cc_store_cred 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_fcc_ops 3
Missing krb5_creds(3) From krb5_mcc_ops 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_copy_data 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data_alloc 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data_copy 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data_free 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data_realloc 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_data_zero 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_free_data 3
Missing krb5_storage(3) From krb5_free_data_contents 3
Missing krb_realmofhost(3) From telnet 1
Missing ksh(1) From ssh-agent 1
Missing ksh(1) From make.conf 5
Missing ksu(1) From security 7
Missing libunimsg(3) From sscop 1
Missing libunimsg(3) From unimsg 3
Missing libunimsg(3) From unisap 3
Missing libunimsg(3) From unistruct 3
Missing lkm(4) From kld 4
Missing lkm(4) From kldload 8
Missing lkm(4) From kldstat 8
Missing lkm(4) From kldunload 8
Missing lynx(1) From ftp 1
Missing lynx(1) From pftp 1
Missing lynx(1) From gate-ftp 1
Missing mchat(1) From kame 4
Missing mini_sendmail(8) From mailer.conf 5
Missing mkfilters(1) From ipf 5
Missing mkfilters(1) From ipf.conf 5
Missing mkfilters(1) From ipf6.conf 5
Missing mkfilters(1) From ipf 8
Missing mkisofs(1) From libarchive-formats 5
Missing mkisofs(8) From burncd 8
Missing mkpasswd(8) From pwd_mkdb 8
Missing mtab(5) From amd 8
Missing mtab(5) From fixmount 8
Missing mtab(5) From fixmount 8
Missing mtab(5) From hlfsd 8
Missing ndbm(3) From file 1
Missing ndbm(3) From editmap 8
Missing ndbm(3) From makemap 8
Missing ndisapi(9) From ndiscvt 8
Missing ndisapi(9) From ndisgen 8
Missing ndisapi(9) From ndis_events 8
Missing nsswitch.conf(4) From nsdispatch 3
Missing nsswitch.conf(4) From nsswitch.conf 5
Missing openssl(1) From enigma 1
Missing openssl(1) From crypt 1
Missing openssl(1) From wpa_supplicant.conf 5
Missing openssl(1) From security 7
Missing openssl(1) From makekey 8
Missing opiechallenge(3) From pam_opie 8
Missing owi(4) From ieee80211_ioctl 9
Missing owi(4) From ieee80211_cfgget 9
Missing owi(4) From ieee80211_cfgset 9
Missing p1003_1b(9) From hier 7
Missing pam(8) From login 1
Missing pam(8) From login.access 5
Missing pam(8) From hier 7
Missing pam(8) From pam_chroot 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_deny 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_echo 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_exec 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_ftpusers 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_group 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_guest 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_krb5 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_ksu 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_lastlog 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_login_access 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_nologin 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_opie 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_opieaccess 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_passwdqc 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_permit 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_radius 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_rhosts 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_rootok 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_securetty 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_self 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_ssh 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_tacplus 8
Missing pam(8) From pam_unix 8
Missing pathchar(8) From traceroute 8
Missing pc(1) From gprof 1
Missing pc(1) From stab 5
Missing pccard.conf(5) From ng_bt3c 4
Missing pccardd(8) From fe 4
Missing pccardd(8) From ray 4
Missing pccardd(8) From ng_bt3c 4
Missing pccardd(8) From rc.conf 5
Missing pccardd(8) From rc.conf.local 5
Missing pccardd(8) From pccardc 8
Missing pccons(4) From pcvt 4
Missing pccons(4) From vt 4
Missing pcnfsd(8) From rc.conf 5
Missing pcnfsd(8) From rc.conf.local 5
Missing pgp(1) From enigma 1
Missing pgp(1) From crypt 1
Missing pgp(1) From pkg_sign 1
Missing pgp(1) From pkg_check 1
Missing photurisd(8) From moduli 5
Missing pib(1) From ports r7
Missing pim6dd(8) From kame 4
Missing pim6dd(8) From rc.conf 5
Missing pim6dd(8) From rc.conf.local 5
Missing pim6sd(8) From kame 4
Missing pim6stat(8) From kame 4
Missing plock(3) From amd.conf 5
Missing plock(3) From amd 8
Missing plock(3) From ppp 8
Missing plot(1) From lpr 1
Missing plot(1) From environ 7
Missing plot(3) From lpr 1
Missing plot(3) From printcap 5
Missing plot(3) From lpd 8
Missing pmap_ts_referenced(9) From pmap_clear_modify 9
Missing pmap_ts_referenced(9) From pmap_clear_reference 9
Missing popper(8) From security 7
Missing portaudit(1) From ports r7
Missing portcheckout(1) From ports r7
Missing portlint(1) From ports r7
Missing portupgrade(8) From pkg_version 1
Missing portversion(1) From portsnap 8
Missing postfix(1) From mailer.conf 5
Missing prefix(8) From rrenumd.conf 5
Missing prof(1) From gprof 1
Missing prof(1) From profil 2
Missing prof(1) From moncontrol 3
Missing prof(1) From monstartup 3
Missing prof(1) From clocks 7
Missing prof(1) From config 8
Missing prof(1) From kgmon 8
Missing prof(1) From pmcstat 8
Missing ptrconfig(8) From kame 4
Missing racoon(8) From kame 4
Missing racoon(8) From setkey 8
Missing rad_config(3) From radius.conf 5
Missing rdist(1) From periodic.conf 5
Missing rexecd(8) From rexec 3
Missing rio_add_song(1) From urio 4
Missing rmtab(5) From fixmount 8
Missing samba(7) From firewall 7
Missing scsi(3) From camcontrol 8
Missing scsi(8) From camcontrol 8
Missing scsi_target(8) From sbp_targ 4
Missing securelevel(7) From pf.conf 5
Missing setaudit(3) From au_user 3
Missing setaudit(3) From setauuser 3
Missing setaudit(3) From endauuser 3
Missing setaudit(3) From getauuserent 3
Missing setaudit(3) From getauusernam 3
Missing setaudit(3) From au_user_mask 3
Missing setaudit(3) From getfauditflags 3
Missing setaudit(3) From getauuserent_r 3
Missing setaudit(3) From getauusernam_R 3
Missing setaudit_addr(2) From audit 2
Missing setaudit_addr(2) From auditon 2
Missing setaudit_addr(2) From getauid 2
Missing setaudit_addr(2) From setauid 2
Missing setaudit_addr(2) From audit_submit 3
Missing setpath(1) From csh 1
Missing setpath(1) From tcsh 1
Missing sha256(8) From portsnap.conf 5
Missing sha256(8) From freebsd-update.conf 5
Missing skey(1) From less 1
Missing skey(1) From more 1
Missing skey(1) From lukemftpd 8
Missing smb.conf(5) From firewall 7
Missing snd_audiocs(4) From pcm 4
Missing snd_audiocs(4) From snd 4
Missing snd_audiocs(4) From sound 4
Missing snmp_pdu_dump(3) From bsnmpclient 3
Missing spamd(8) From pf.conf 5
Missing spell(1) From ee 1
Missing spell(1) From ee 1
Missing spell(1) From ree 1
Missing spell(1) From ree 1
Missing spell(1) From edit 1
Missing spell(1) From edit 1
Missing spell(1) From rs 1
Missing ssl(8) From ssh 1
Missing ssl(8) From slogin 1
Missing ssl(8) From authpf 8
Missing st(4) From mt 1
Missing st(4) From mt 1
Missing st(4) From atapicam 4
Missing st(4) From atapicam 4
Missing st(4) From mac 4
Missing st(4) From mac_biba 4
Missing st(4) From mac_bsdextended 4
Missing st(4) From mac_ifoff 4
Missing st(4) From mac_lomac 4
Missing st(4) From mac_mls 4
Missing st(4) From mac_none 4
Missing st(4) From mac_partition 4
Missing st(4) From mac_portacl 4
Missing st(4) From mac_seeotheruids 4
Missing st(4) From mac_stub 4
Missing st(4) From mtio 4
Missing st(4) From pim 4
Missing st(4) From maclabel 7
Missing st(4) From mac 9
Missing stroul(3) From a64l 3
Missing stroul(3) From l64a 3
Missing stroul(3) From l64a_r 3
Missing strsuftoll(3) From ftpd.conf 5
Missing ststat(1) From slstat 8
Missing suidperl(1) From mount 8
Missing sup(1) From make.conf 5
Missing sup(1) From make.conf 5
Missing sup(1) From make.conf 5
Missing sup(1) From development 7
Missing svc.conf(5) From nsdispatch 3
Missing svc.conf(5) From nsswitch.conf 5
Missing syslog(1) From pppd 8
Missing syslog(8) From vacation 1
Missing syslog(8) From periodic.conf 5
Missing syslog(8) From rc.conf 5
Missing syslog(8) From utmp 5
Missing syslog(8) From lastlog 5
Missing syslog(8) From wtmp 5
Missing syslog(8) From newsyslog.conf 5
Missing syslog(8) From rc.conf.local 5
Missing syslog(8) From pflogd 8
Missing syslog(8) From periodic 8
Missing syslog(8) From syslogd 8
Missing table(1) From smp 4
Missing table(1) From SMP 4
Missing table(1) From ipfw 8
Missing tcpdump(8) From ipftest 1
Missing tcpdump(8) From ipresend 1
Missing tcpdump(8) From enc 4
Missing termio(7) From csh 1
Missing termio(7) From tcsh 1
Missing termio(7) From curs_inopts 3
Missing termio(7) From cbreak 3
Missing termio(7) From echo 3
Missing termio(7) From halfdelay 3
Missing termio(7) From intrflush 3
Missing termio(7) From keypad 3
Missing termio(7) From meta 3
Missing termio(7) From nocbreak 3
Missing termio(7) From nodelay 3
Missing termio(7) From noecho 3
Missing termio(7) From noqiflush 3
Missing termio(7) From noraw 3
Missing termio(7) From notimeout 3
Missing termio(7) From qiflush 3
Missing termio(7) From raw 3
Missing termio(7) From timeout 3
Missing termio(7) From typeahead 3
Missing termio(7) From wtimeout 3
Missing termlib(3) From termcap 5
Missing tex(1) From info 5
Missing tex(1) From texinfo 5
Missing texi2dvi(1) From info 5
Missing texi2dvi(1) From texinfo 5
Missing thread_suspend_check(9) From mi_switch 9
Missing thread_suspend_check(9) From cpu_switch 9
Missing thread_suspend_check(9) From cpu_throw 9
Missing tlid.conf(5) From tcpdchk 8
Missing tlid.conf(5) From tcpdmatch 8
Missing ttcp(4) From send 2
Missing ttcp(4) From sendmsg 2
Missing ttcp(4) From sendto 2
Missing uhub(4) From uark 4
Missing utime(2) From libmagic 3
Missing uucico(1) From chat 8
Missing uucico(8) From tip 1
Missing uucico(8) From cu 1
Missing uucp(1) From login 1
Missing uucp(1) From tip 1
Missing uucp(1) From cu 1
Missing uucp(1) From uuencode 1
Missing uucp(1) From uudecode 1
Missing uucp(1) From b64encode 1
Missing uucp(1) From b64decode 1
Missing uucp(1) From uuencode.format 5
Missing uucp(1) From uuencode 5
Missing uucp(1) From rmail 8
Missing uucp(1) From chat 8
Missing uustat(1) From startslip 1
Missing v6test(1) From kame 4
Missing vbusy(9) From vhold 9
Missing vbusy(9) From vnode 9
Missing vbusy(9) From vdrop 9
Missing vclean(9) From vgone 9
Missing vclean(9) From vgonel 9
Missing vfree(9) From vhold 9
Missing vfree(9) From vnode 9
Missing vfree(9) From vdrop 9
Missing vfs_export_lookup(9) From VFS_CHECKEXP 9
Missing vfs_object_create(9) From vnode 9
Missing vinum(8) From ccd 4
Missing vinum(8) From vinum 4
Missing vinum(8) From tuning 7
Missing vinum(8) From ccdconfig 8
Missing vinum(8) From ffsinfo 8
Missing vinum(8) From gconcat 8
Missing vinum(8) From gmirror 8
Missing vinum(8) From graid3 8
Missing vinum(8) From gstripe 8
Missing vinum(8) From growfs 8
Missing vinum(8) From gvinum 8
Missing vinum(8) From newfs 8
Missing vm_map_unlock_and_wait(9) From vm_map_wire 9
Missing vm_map_unlock_and_wait(9) From vm_map_unwire 9
Missing vm_object_pip_wakeup(9) From VOP_GETPAGES 9
Missing vm_object_pip_wakeup(9) From VOP_PUTPAGES 9
Missing vnaccess(9) From acl 9
Missing xauth(1) From ssh_config 5
Missing xauth(1) From sshd_config 5
Missing xauth(1) From sshd 8
Missing xdm(1) From security 7
Missing xorg.conf(5) From ums 4
Missing xterm(1) From ls 1
Missing xterm(1) From security 7
Missing ypclnt(3) From yp 8
Missing ypclnt(3) From NIS 8
Missing ypclnt(3) From nis 8
Missing ypclnt(3) From YP 8
Missing ypupdated(8) From publickey 5
Missing ypupdated(8) From yp 8
Missing ypupdated(8) From NIS 8
Missing ypupdated(8) From nis 8
Missing ypupdated(8) From YP 8
Missing yyless(3) From lex 1
Missing yyless(3) From flex 1
Missing yyless(3) From flex++ 1
Missing yyless(3) From lex++ 1
Missing zip(1) From pax 1
Missing zip(1) From gzexe 1
Missing zip(1) From zdiff 1
Missing zip(1) From zforce 1
Missing zip(1) From zmore 1
Missing zip(1) From znew 1
Missing zip(1) From zcmp 1
Missing zip(1) From ssh 1
Missing zip(1) From slogin 1
Missing zip(1) From compress 1
Missing zip(1) From compress 1
Missing zip(1) From uncompress 1
Missing zip(1) From uncompress 1
Missing zip(1) From minigzip 1
Missing zip(1) From bsdtar 1
Missing zip(1) From tar 1
Missing zip(1) From whereis 1
Missing zip(1) From ctm_rmail 1
Missing zip(1) From ctm_smail 1
Missing zip(1) From ctm_dequeue 1
Missing zip(1) From pkg_create 1
Missing zip(1) From pkg_sign 1
Missing zip(1) From pkg_check 1
Missing zip(1) From archive_read 3
Missing zip(1) From libarchive 3
Missing zip(1) From archive 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_data 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_data_block 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_data_skip 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_set_bytes_per_block 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_data_into_fd 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_extract 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_extract_set_progress_callback 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_finish 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_new 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_next_header 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_open 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_open_fd 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_open_file 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_format_all 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_data_into_buffer 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_compression_all 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_compression_bzip2 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_compression_compress 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_compression_gzip 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_compression_none 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_format_cpio 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_format_iso9660 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_format_tar 3
Missing zip(1) From archive_read_support_format_zip 3
Missing zip(1) From libarchive-formats 5
Missing zip(1) From ssh_config 5
Missing zip(1) From periodic.conf 5
Missing zip(1) From newsyslog.conf 5
Missing zip(1) From savecore 8
Missing zip(1) From mkuzip 8
Missing zip(1) From kgzip 8
Missing zip(1) From newsyslog 8
Missing zip(1) From ppp 8
Missing zsh(1) From sysctl 8
--- lostmanpages.txt ends here ---
Comment 1 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 20:33:21 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 20:32:58 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man9       ieee80211_ioctl.9 
  Remove Xref to owi(4), it's dead and gone.
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +0 -1      src/share/man/man9/ieee80211_ioctl.9
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Comment 2 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 20:39:33 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 20:39:14 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man4       enc.4 
  Correct references to tcpdump(1).
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +2 -2      src/share/man/man4/enc.4
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Comment 3 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 20:53:33 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 20:53:19 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man4       uark.4 
  Remove Xref to non-existant uhub(4).
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +0 -1      src/share/man/man4/uark.4
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Comment 4 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 21:06:03 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 21:05:47 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man4       ng_bt3c.4 
    share/man/man4/man4.i386 fe.4 
  Remove references to pccardd(8), pccardc(8) and OLDCARD.
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.39      +1 -2      src/share/man/man4/man4.i386/fe.4
  1.11      +1 -19     src/share/man/man4/ng_bt3c.4
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Comment 5 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 21:12:28 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 21:12:21 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man9       device_set_driver.9 
  There is no isa(4) manpage, convert to normal text an join lines.
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +1 -3      src/share/man/man9/device_set_driver.9
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Comment 6 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-09 22:19:16 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-09 22:18:56 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    share/man/man5       rc.conf.5 
  Nuke pcnfsd(8) reference.
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.316     +0 -1      src/share/man/man5/rc.conf.5
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Comment 7 Tom Rhodes freebsd_committer 2007-02-10 01:21:47 UTC
On Fri,  9 Feb 2007 16:39:41 +0200 (IST)
Yonatan <onatan@gmail.com> wrote:

> >Number:         108980
> >Category:       docs
> >Synopsis:       list of missing man pages

[SNIP]: PR discussion, tool, and manual page list.

I'm in favor of reviewing this with everyone else; however, I
would like to run it on a "fresh" install of FreeBSD.  One with
no ports or special build options.

Also, there was once a way to handle ports manual pages; or at
least a discussion of it.  I see many references to such things
as zip and zsh, utilities that should not be referenced unless
we somehow reference the port.

Perhaps we should de-reference those pages, and add a paragraph
stating that use of XXX/XXX utility might be useful.  Not sure,
what do others think?

Tom Rhodes
Comment 8 onatan 2007-02-10 01:32:28 UTC
On 2/10/07, Tom Rhodes <trhodes@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On Fri,  9 Feb 2007 16:39:41 +0200 (IST)
> Yonatan <onatan@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm in favor of reviewing this with everyone else; however, I
> would like to run it on a "fresh" install of FreeBSD.  One with
> no ports or special build options.

Note this are just the base system man pages from a recent
-stable. (enforced using /usr/share/man restriction).
In some pages it is clearly noted that the referenced man page
is from a port. For example: the reference in sysctl(8) to zsh(1).
Comment 9 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-10 08:44:57 UTC
brueffer    2007-02-10 08:44:41 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sbin/kldload         kldload.8 
    sbin/kldstat         kldstat.8 
    sbin/kldunload       kldunload.8 
    share/man/man4       kld.4 
  Don't reference lkm(4), it doesn't exist.
  PR:             108980
  Submitted by:   Yonatan
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.26      +1 -1      src/sbin/kldload/kldload.8
  1.16      +1 -1      src/sbin/kldstat/kldstat.8
  1.19      +1 -1      src/sbin/kldunload/kldunload.8
  1.21      +1 -1      src/share/man/man4/kld.4
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Comment 10 dfilter service freebsd_committer 2007-02-15 02:40:36 UTC
trhodes     2007-02-15 02:40:31 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Added files:
    lib/libypclnt        ypclnt.3 
  Add a ypclnt.3 manual page referenced by various other YP based manual pages.
  PR:             108980
  Obtained from:  OpenBSD (minimal changes for mdoc(7) style)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1       +362 -0    src/lib/libypclnt/ypclnt.3 (new)
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Comment 11 Mark Linimon freebsd_committer freebsd_triage 2008-02-29 01:50:08 UTC
State Changed
From-To: open->analyzed

AFAICT there have been some commits but more remain to be done. 

The script contained herein ought to be incorporated into the tree 
somewhere as a sanity check.
Comment 12 John Baldwin freebsd_committer freebsd_triage 2014-09-10 15:13:12 UTC
*** Bug 51480 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 13 Mark Linimon freebsd_committer freebsd_triage 2018-08-05 07:00:55 UTC
Make this a tracking PR and take.

Now that we have a Manpages subcategory, maybe we can find all these.