Bug 172376 - FreeBSD 9.0 installed but won't boot
Summary: FreeBSD 9.0 installed but won't boot
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Product: Base System
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Component: misc (show other bugs)
Version: 9.0-RELEASE
Hardware: Any Any
: Normal Affects Only Me
Assignee: Mark Linimon
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Reported: 2012-10-06 01:00 UTC by Ronald F. Guilmette
Modified: 2021-06-30 00:37 UTC (History)
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Description Ronald F. Guilmette 2012-10-06 01:00:26 UTC
I just now did an install (from DVD) of 9.0-RELEASE amd64 onto a 40GB
drive that formerly had a (broken) Windoze 98 system on it.  (Attempts
to boot that system were giving "NTLDR is missing" errors, due to a small
Windoze cock-up.  I am now recycling the drive for use with FreeBSD.)

So anyway, I went through all of the (new) normal install procedure,
requested a 12GB partition for FreeBSD, completed the install...
successfully, as far as I could tell... and then removed the FreeBSD
install DVD and then just attempted to reboot.  After that, I quickly
got the error:

        NTLDR is missing
        Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I assumed that this must have been due to a leftover MBR from the old
Win98 system.  (I don't know why the fresh FreeBSD install didn't overwrite
that, as I had expected it to.  Unlike the install... from optical media...
in prior FreeBSD releases that I've has experience with in the past, during
the install of this new 9.0 system there was never a point where I was asked
if I wanted to replace the existing MBR with the FreeBSD boot manager.)

So anyway, I googled and found out that the Right Way to install the
FreeBSD MBR/boot manager... if you need to do so in a pinch... was/is
to run "boot0cfg -B <device>", so I booted again from the FreeBSD 9.0
install DVD, exited to a shell as soon as I could, ran dmesg, saw that
the system believed that the first (and only) disk drive was "ada0", so
then I ran "boot0cfg -B ada0" and it completed without error.

Following this, I performed a normal "shutdown -h now", removed the install
DVD again and rebooted again, assuming that now I would be able to boot
the installed 9.0 system from the hard drive.  However when I did that
I got the following messages:

	F1  FreeBSD

	Boot:  F1

At this point I simply hit return and then I got the following messages
and then the system hung:

	NTLDR is missing
	Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

So, um, what gives?  What did I do wrong?

Does one need to completely zero the drive before installing FreeBSD these


I wish I knew.  Seriously.

I have something here that I fetched off the net quite recently called
HDDErase which is supposed to invoke a drive's built in zeroing firmware
to REALLY zero the drive.  I guess I'll be running that on this 40GB
drive and then trying again to install FreeBSD 9.0 from scratch.

If that doesn't work, then God help me.  (If that doesn't work then God
help us all!)
See above.  (Begin by placing a broken Win98 system on a spare hard drive,
and then...)
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Comment 2 Mark Linimon freebsd_committer freebsd_triage 2021-06-30 00:37:29 UTC
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I'm sorry that this PR did not get addressed in a timely fashion.