Bug 209354 - mail/davmail: Update to 4.7.2
Summary: mail/davmail: Update to 4.7.2
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Assignee: Jason Unovitch
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Reported: 2016-05-07 04:46 UTC by John Hein
Modified: 2016-06-26 01:28 UTC (History)
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[patch] update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root (4.53 KB, patch)
2016-05-07 04:46 UTC, John Hein
vlad-fbsd: maintainer-approval+
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[patch] v2: update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root (4.81 KB, patch)
2016-06-06 15:08 UTC, John Hein
jcfyecrayz: maintainer-approval+
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[patch] v3: update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root (4.81 KB, patch)
2016-06-06 16:28 UTC, John Hein
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Description John Hein 2016-05-07 04:46:21 UTC
Created attachment 170078 [details]
[patch] update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root

Boring mechanical stuff to do the update:
- update rev info (checksums, refresh patches, etc.)
- don't install new .md5 files
- appease testport by removing empty dirs in STAGEDIR not in plist

More interesting change piggybacking onto this update:
- update rc.d script & {G,U}IDs files to run as davmail user rather than root
- update rc.d script to take advantage of daemon(8) rather than hand-rolling process management

Run tested: ok

  - stage-qa: ok
  - portlint: ok
  - poudriere testport: ok (9-stable/32)

from releasenotes.txt:

** DavMail 4.7.2 released **
Bugfix release, detect Exchange throttling to temporarily block requests and a few Carddav fixes.

- EWS: handle Exchange throttling, suspend all requests according to server provided delay
- EWS: send DavMailException instead of authentication exception on EWS not available error

- 128x128 DavMail icon
- Add a new davmail.httpMaxRedirects setting
- DAV: add a hidden davmail.disableNTLM setting

- Carddav: fix another regression on contact create with empty field
- Carddav: remove email over EWS unit test
- Carddav: fix email address removal over EWS

** DavMail 4.7.1 released **
Bugfix release, mainly for Carddav regression over EWS, also includes an NTLM support enhancement.

- Improve NTLM support try to send hostname as workstation name instead of UNKNOWN
- Fix notification dialog message
- Prepare ExchangeSessionFactory refactoring
- Fix typo in french translation
- Fix broken Sourceforge link in About dialog

- Carddav: fix regression on contact update with empty field triggering DeleteItemField

** DavMail 4.7.0 released **
This new release contains a lot of fixes from user feedback, a new -notray command line
option to force window mode and avoid tricky tray icon issues on Linux and native
smartcard support on Windows.

- Caldav: Map additional priority levels
- Caldav: fix missing LAST-MODIFIED in events

- Improved tray icon with alpha blend
- Fix imports
- Prepare mutual SSL authentication between client and DavMail implementation
- Implement -notray command line option as a workaround for broken SWT and Unity issues
- Change warning messages to debug in close method
- Improve client certificate dialog, build description from certificate
- Exclude client certificates not issued by server provided issuers list

- IMAP: Additional translations and doc for new IMAP setting
- IMAP: Merge patch by Mauro Cicognini, add a new setting to always send approximate message in RFC822.SIZE to avoid downloading full message body
- IMAP: fix regression with quotes inside folder names
- IMAP: handle quotes inside folder names correctly

- OSX link local address on loopback interface
- Exclude arguments starting with dash to avoid patch 38 regression on OSX

- Doc: Document -notray option
- Switch to OpenHub instead of Ohloh

- EWS: prepare distribution list implementation
- Fix #254 davmail.exchange.ews.EWSException: ErrorIncorrectUpdatePropertyCount

- Refresh davmail.spec, make RPM noarch
- Handle missing or broken SWT library

- Windows: Make MSCAPI keystore type available in Settings for Windows native smartcard support
- Instantiate MSCAPI explicitly to access Windows Smartcards
- Enable native Windows SmartCard access through MSCAPI (no PKCS11 config required)

- Carddav: Test case for comma in ADR field
- Carddav: Do not replace comma on ADR field, see support request 255
- Caldav: Ignore missing END:VCALENDAR line on modified occurrences
- CardDav: Add empty property test case

** DavMail 4.6.2 released **
Another bug fix release with some efforts on packaging.

- Compute distribution packages checksums
- Maven: set mimimum Maven version and fix FindBugs filter
- Maven: add Gtk lib in repo to avoid ClassNotFound
- Maven: exclude non DavMail classes from FindBugs report
- Maven: Update POM to Maven 3
- Separate prepare-dist ant task
- Separate jar ant task
- RPM: Change log for 4.6.1 and remove ant-nodeps dependency for Fedora >=19 compatibility
- RPM: first step to a noarch package, externalize SWT dependency
- RPM: Add rcdavmail link, mark logrotate config file
- RPM: Fix License and URL

- Fix davmailconsole.exe
- Switch to TLS in DavGatewaySSLProtocolSocketFactory
- Improve refresh folder logic, ctag stamp is limited to second, check message count
- Try to support Citrix NetScaler authentication form
- Improve Java version check
- Update compile level to 1.6
- Remove unneeded catch section

- DAV: avoid NullPointerException trying to access Exchange 2013 in Dav mode

- IMAP: refactor IMAP test cases
- IMAP: ignore Draft flag on update, Draft is readonly after create
- IMAP: fix new IMAP tokenizer
- IMAP: rewrite tokenizer to manage quoted folder names and complex search
- IMAP: Fix #591 Properly escape quotes in folder names
- IMAP: additional IMAP test cases

- EWS: davmail.enableChunkedRequest default value is now false, as IIS does not support chunked requests
- EWS: Make chunked content optional in CreateItemMethod with new davmail.enableChunkedRequest property
- Use EWS path in davmail.properties template file

- Doc: add Indicator SystemtrayUnity to linux doc
- Fix Javadoc

- OSX: merge patch 38, allow commandline options to run multiple instances.

- SMTP: use content chunk to send large messages
Comment 1 John Hein 2016-05-08 00:16:40 UTC
Fix incorrect component - sorry.  Set maintainer-feedback? to maintainer.
Comment 2 John Hein 2016-06-03 15:19:37 UTC
Added suggestion to MFH for this (due to security-ish change - i.e., don't run as root).

p.s. feedback timeout?
Comment 3 VK freebsd_triage 2016-06-05 11:41:54 UTC
Thanks for the patch. Maintainer feedback timeout, indeed. Not sure this is gonna fly for MFH.
Comment 4 VK freebsd_triage 2016-06-05 11:42:34 UTC
Comment on attachment 170078 [details]
[patch] update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root

Implicit approval due to maintainer feedback timeout.
Comment 5 Jason Unovitch freebsd_committer 2016-06-05 20:53:21 UTC
I think the non-root is certainly a good best practice but don't see that as enough to merge to quarterly without a known issue against it.

I have some issues with the patch.

1. It fails to even start because it doesn't make the users.

# service davmail onestart
install: unknown group davmail

It needs:
USERS=  davmail
GROUPS= davmail

2. It doesn't make the pidfile directory

# service davmail onestart
install: mkdir : No such file or directory

The davmail.in should probably do something more like:

${pidfiledir} is currently undefined, hense the error.

3. davmail_daemon() also hard codes the username... it should be ${davmail_user}.

Even after all that the service doesn't actually start.  If you can update the patch and verify it runs I'll go ahead and review this for commit.  Thanks.
Comment 6 John Hein 2016-06-06 15:08:42 UTC
Created attachment 171093 [details]
[patch] v2: update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root

v2 of the patch after addressing Jason's feedback (thanks), including one other missed hard-coding in davmail.in
Comment 7 John Hein 2016-06-06 15:34:49 UTC
(In reply to Jason Unovitch from comment #5)
Thanks for the thoughts on the MFH.  I have seen merges to the quarterly branch that seemed to have less good reasons than this.  Anyway, I thought it was worth a mention.

Thanks for the catches on v1 of the patch - all things that poudriere couldn't catch and I didn't either since I didn't test run on a clean host.
Comment 8 John Hein 2016-06-06 16:28:31 UTC
Created attachment 171096 [details]
[patch] v3: update port to 4.7.2; run service as non-root

v3: fix misspelled DATADIR
Comment 9 commit-hook freebsd_committer 2016-06-26 01:23:55 UTC
A commit references this bug:

Author: junovitch
Date: Sun Jun 26 01:23:28 UTC 2016
New revision: 417509
URL: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/ports/417509

  mail/davmail: update 4.6.1 -> 4.7.2

  - Update rc.d script to run as davmail user rather than root
  - Update rc.d script to take advantage of daemon(8) rather than hand-rolling
    process management
  - Update rev info (checksums, refresh patches, etc.)
  - Remove .md5 files
  - Appease testport by removing empty dirs in STAGEDIR not in plist

  UIDs/GIDs: add davmail user

  Changes:	https://sourceforge.net/p/davmail/code/2427/tree/trunk/releasenotes.txt

  PR:		209354
  Submitted by:	John Hein <z7dr6ut7gs@snkmail.com>
  Approved by:	maintainer timeout (7 weeks)

Comment 10 Jason Unovitch freebsd_committer 2016-06-26 01:28:51 UTC
Sorry for the delay getting back to this PR, John.  The update was committed under maintainer timeout.  I just re-rolled the distinfo with the TIMESTAMP for reproducible builds.  Thank you for addressing the earlier comments as well as submitting the patch to this port.

Setting merge-quarterly- as there is not a documented security issue that warrants the immediate update.  It will show up in 2016Q3 soon enough.