Bug 249348 - audio/mixxx: Update to 2.3 (change build system to CMake)
Summary: audio/mixxx: Update to 2.3 (change build system to CMake)
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Assignee: Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez
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Reported: 2020-09-15 18:57 UTC by David Schlachter
Modified: 2021-07-21 16:20 UTC (History)
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Description David Schlachter 2020-09-15 18:57:12 UTC
The Mixxx 2.3 beta was released in June, though I haven't been able to find an estimated release date for the final version. For porting, the major change is a transition to CMake for the build instead of SCons (see bug 247189).

I've opened this bug to document changes for building Mixxx 2.3 with CMake, currently with the latest git snapshot of the 2.3 branch. I think most changes for porting the (upcoming) new version will just be adaptations of the existing patches for the new build system.

Here's what I've done so far to try to make it build:

- add security/qtkeychain, sysutils/upower, comms/hidapi as dependencies. (Some of these are patched out in the current port.)

- portmidi: rather than patching this out, I think the best solution would be to add a new portmidi port. After downloading the sources, I tried the following changes to build:

   - configure script using ccmake is interactive. I had to manually specify the JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH and JAVA_JVM_LIBRARY paths as described in `portmidi/trunk/pm_linux/README_LINUX.txt`. The paths depend on the installed JDK version. There must be a good way to do this automatically. In my case, these paths are: JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/openjdk8/include and JAVA_JVM_LIBRARY=/usr/local/openjdk8/jre/lib/amd64/server/libjvm.so
   - add `/usr/local/include` to `include_directories` on line 68 of portmidi/trunk/CMakeLists.txt
   - set the env variable LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib in order to find asound library from alsa, may be better to instead patch in the `-L/usr/local/lib` flag throughout the source files
   - patch two functions using deprecated `ftime` to use `gettimeofday` in `porttime/ptlinux.c` (c.f. https://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?t=15724).

  For the default make target, I get this error around 93%:
    make[2]: don't know how to make pm_java/jportmidi/JPortMidi.class. Stop

  It is possible to patch out portmidi: keep existing patch to controllers/controllermanager.cpp, remove REQUIRED keyword in CMakeLists.txt for PortMidi, comment out `portmidicontroller.cpp` and `portmidienumerator.cpp` around line 2365 of CMakeLists.txt. However, this causes build failures later on that I haven't yet figured out.

- use system libusb. I'm not sure how to make this happen in CMakeLists.txt (see lines around 2260). I don't use a USB controller, and configure succeeds if the feature is disabled (cmake -DHID=off ...). It should be possible to pass the flags '-DLIBUSB_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include -DLIBUSB_LIBRARIES=/usr/lib/libusb.so' to the configure command, but this fails in logic around lib-hdiapi.

- add include directory for ogg.h in libshout. There may be a better way to do this, but I just added `/usr/local/include` to `include_directories` in `lib/libshout/CMakeLists.txt`.

- change `endian.h` to `sys/endian.h`, and `byteswap.h` to `infiniband/byteswap.h` in lib/kaitai/kaitaistream.cpp

With these changes (patching out portmidi since I haven't succeded in building it yet), mixxx 2.3 configures successfully and builds partially (12%), failing eventually with:

  In file included from /home/david/Downloads/mixxx/cmake_build/mixxx-lib_autogen/T7JLZL2D4I/moc_portmidicontroller.cpp:10:
/home/david/Downloads/mixxx/cmake_build/mixxx-lib_autogen/T7JLZL2D4I/../../../src/controllers/midi/portmidicontroller.h:20:10: fatal error: 
      'portmidi.h' file not found
#include <portmidi.h>
Comment 1 David Schlachter 2020-09-16 19:43:14 UTC
portmidi builds successfully with the above procedure if *gmake* is used instead of BSD make. I'll open a separate issue for a new portmidi port separately when I have a ports Makefile working.
Comment 2 Michael Reifenberger freebsd_committer 2021-05-09 15:16:27 UTC
any progress here?
I'm having a midi controller (ddj-400)
which should be supported with 2.3
natively and isn't found (the midi device)
with the current port.

Or is there something special needed for
Midi devices..
Comment 3 David Schlachter 2021-06-29 18:32:21 UTC
Version 2.3 was finally released today: https://mixxx.org/news/2021-06-28-mixxx-2-3-0-released/

When I have some time, I'll take another look at building it for ports.
Comment 4 Be 2021-07-15 20:31:38 UTC
Hi, Mixxx maintainer here. I've been thinking about forking PortMIDI and writing a modern CMake build system for it. This would also help us switch to using vcpkg for our macOS dependencies and would be helpful for Tenacity as well. Would you be interested in helping with this?

If you run into more issues packaging, please get in touch on our Zulip chat ( https://mixxx.zulipchat.com/ ) and/or open PRs on GitHub ( https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx ).
Comment 5 Be 2021-07-15 22:37:35 UTC
I have imported the old PortMIDI SVN repository to a new Git repository under the mixxxdj organization:

Unfortunately it looks like PortMIDI does not support FreeBSD. Pull requests welcome.
Comment 6 commit-hook freebsd_committer 2021-07-17 17:38:53 UTC
A commit in branch main references this bug:

URL: https://cgit.FreeBSD.org/ports/commit/?id=1819836d4cb2bb8cef3680fb1059eb6ae9e491fb

commit 1819836d4cb2bb8cef3680fb1059eb6ae9e491fb
Author:     Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez <acm@FreeBSD.org>
AuthorDate: 2021-07-17 17:33:18 +0000
Commit:     Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez <acm@FreeBSD.org>
CommitDate: 2021-07-17 17:37:47 +0000

    audio/mixxx: Upadte to 2.3.0

    ChangeLog at:   https://github.com/mixxxdj/mixxx/blob/2.3.0/CHANGELOG.md
    PR:             249348
    Reported by:    fbsd-bugzilla at schlachter.ca

 audio/mixxx/Makefile                               |  102 +-
 audio/mixxx/distinfo                               |    6 +-
 audio/mixxx/files/patch-build_depends.py (gone)    |  159 --
 audio/mixxx/files/patch-build_features.py (gone)   |  102 -
 audio/mixxx/files/patch-build_mixxx.py (gone)      |   27 -
 audio/mixxx/files/patch-build_qt5.py (gone)        |   11 -
 .../patch-cmake_modules_FindLibUSB.cmake (new)     |   14 +
 .../patch-lib_hidapi-0.8.0-rc1_libusb_hid.c (gone) |   11 -
 .../files/patch-lib_kaitai_kaitaistream.cpp (new)  |   14 +
 ...orp_SPSCQueue_include_rigtorp_SPSCQueue.h (new) |   11 +
 ...-plugins_soundsourcem4a_soundsourcem4a.h (gone) |   11 -
 .../files/patch-src-encoder_encodermp3.cpp (gone)  |   11 -
 .../files/patch-src-util_screensaver.cpp (gone)    |   27 -
 ...ch-src_controllers_controllermanager.cpp (gone) |   12 -
 ...trollers_controllerpresetfilehandler.cpp (gone) |   14 -
 .../files/patch-src_util_versionstore.cpp (new)    |   11 +
 .../files/patch-vamp-plugins_SConscript (gone)     |   11 -
 audio/mixxx/pkg-plist                              | 2654 +++++++++++++++++++-
 18 files changed, 2745 insertions(+), 463 deletions(-)
Comment 7 David Schlachter 2021-07-21 16:20:46 UTC
I've been trying out the 2.3 port, everything works great. Thanks so much!