Bug 252095 - syslogd not sending hostname to loghost
Summary: syslogd not sending hostname to loghost
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Reported: 2020-12-24 03:09 UTC by Gunther Schadow
Modified: 2020-12-24 03:09 UTC (History)
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Description Gunther Schadow 2020-12-24 03:09:24 UTC
When remote logging, the syslogd does not send the hostname over to the loghost. 

Example, in syslog client's syslog.conf

    *.*  /var/log/all.log
    *.*  @loghost

syslog server is started with 

    syslogd -a -H 

(network can be constraint, doesn't matter). The /etc/hosts nor DNS may have all the hosts registered, it is not important or even desirable that the syslog server translates the IP address to a hostname, hence the -H flag.

Now, when I do 

    logger -h loghost -H pb00 test

the loghost's syslogd receives the "pb00" hostname and logs it. 

When I do

    logger -h loghost test

then also the syslogd recieves the client's current hostname and logs it.

But when intermediating through the client's own syslogd

    logger test

then the client's syslogd will not send its hostname over to the loghost, and then the loghost will attempt to decode the hostname via DNS or /etc/hosts. I think the syslogd should send its hostname over to the client, or the hostname which it originally received. 

Interestingly, the above command will log the own hostname in the all.log log file on the syslogd client, which will forward to the loghost without informing its own idea of its hostname.

    logger -H xx00 test

interestingly, that also does not log the xx00 name on the local syslogd in all.log even if I started the local syslogd with the -H flag.

I consider this behavior a bug in that there is no reason why the syslogd should withhold its own idea of its hostname or the original hostname provided in the log message on to the remote logger. 

I browsed through the source code and couldn't immediately find how I could quickly fix this, but it seems the issue is somewhere here around line 1790:

                lsent = 0;
                for (r = f->fu_forw_addr; r; r = r->ai_next) {
                        memset(&msghdr, 0, sizeof(msghdr));
                        msghdr.msg_name = r->ai_addr;
                        msghdr.msg_namelen = r->ai_addrlen;
                        msghdr.msg_iov = il->iov;
                        msghdr.msg_iovlen = il->iovcnt;
                        STAILQ_FOREACH(sl, &shead, next) {
                                if (sl->sl_ss.ss_family == AF_LOCAL ||
                                    sl->sl_ss.ss_family == AF_UNSPEC ||
                                    sl->sl_socket < 0)
                                lsent = sendmsg(sl->sl_socket, &msghdr, 0);
                                if (lsent == (ssize_t)il->totalsize)
                        if (lsent == (ssize_t)il->totalsize && !send_to_all)

when I looked at the packets with tcpdump, it seemed that the forwarded packets had no hostname of any kind in it.