Bug 255224 - mail/horde-imp regression: connection to mailserver failed / unable to login after upgrade from 6.2.24 -> 6.2.27
Summary: mail/horde-imp regression: connection to mailserver failed / unable to login ...
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Hardware: amd64 Any
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Assignee: horde
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Reported: 2021-04-19 14:04 UTC by Sebastian Oswald (sko)
Modified: 2021-04-19 14:46 UTC (History)
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Description Sebastian Oswald (sko) 2021-04-19 14:04:40 UTC
After upgrading php73-horde-imp on 11.4-RELEASE via `pkg upgrade` from 6.2.24-6.2.27 users can no longer log in. Login page states "unable to connect to mailserver"

# pkg upgrade
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
Checking for upgrades (2 candidates): 100%
Processing candidates (2 candidates): 100%
The following 4 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

New packages to be INSTALLED:
        glib: 2.66.7_1,1
        python37: 3.7.10

Installed packages to be UPGRADED:
        p11-kit: 0.23.20_1 -> 0.23.22_1
        php73-horde-imp: 6.2.24 -> 6.2.27

Number of packages to be installed: 2
Number of packages to be upgraded: 2

The process will require 133 MiB more space.
22 MiB to be downloaded.

Proceed with this action? [y/N]: y
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [1/4] Fetching php73-horde-imp-6.2.27.txz: 100%    2 MiB   2.4MB/s    00:01    
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [2/4] Fetching p11-kit-0.23.22_1.txz: 100%  442 KiB 452.2kB/s    00:01    
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [3/4] Fetching glib-2.66.7_1,1.txz: 100%    3 MiB   3.3MB/s    00:01    
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [4/4] Fetching python37-3.7.10.txz: 100%   16 MiB   8.4MB/s    00:02    
Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [1/4] Installing python37-3.7.10...
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [1/4] Extracting python37-3.7.10: 100%
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [2/4] Installing glib-2.66.7_1,1...
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [2/4] Extracting glib-2.66.7_1,1: 100%
No schema files found: doing nothing.
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [3/4] Upgrading php73-horde-imp from 6.2.24 to 6.2.27...
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [3/4] Extracting php73-horde-imp-6.2.27: 100%
uninstall ok: channel://pear.horde.org/imp-6.2.24
horde/imp can optionally use package "horde/Horde_Service_Gravatar" (version >= 1.0.0, version <= 2.0.0alpha1, excluded versions: 2.0.0alpha1)
horde/imp can optionally use package "channel://phpseclib.sourceforge.net/File_ASN1"
install ok: channel://pear.horde.org/imp-6.2.27
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [4/4] Upgrading p11-kit from 0.23.20_1 to 0.23.22_1...
[horde.mail1.autogassner.de] [4/4] Extracting p11-kit-0.23.22_1: 100%
Message from python37-3.7.10:

Note that some standard Python modules are provided as separate ports
as they require additional dependencies. They are available as:

py37-gdbm       databases/py-gdbm@py37
py37-sqlite3    databases/py-sqlite3@py37
py37-tkinter    x11-toolkits/py-tkinter@py37
root@horde:~ # service apache24 restart
Performing sanity check on apache24 configuration:
Syntax OK
Stopping apache24.
Waiting for PIDS: 47299.
Performing sanity check on apache24 configuration:
Syntax OK
Starting apache24.

/var/log/messages contains only this generic error:

> Apr 19 15:59:06 horde HORDE: [imp] [login] Error connecting to mail server. [pid 21517 on line 730 of "/usr/local/www/horde/imp/lib/Imap.php"]
Comment 1 Sebastian Oswald (sko) 2021-04-19 14:46:55 UTC
I accidentally included the p11-kit upgrade in the example output. This package/upgrade isn't related to the actual problem.
Sorry for cluttering the original comment with that unnecessary information.

I also just built and installed horde-imp (with FLAVOR=php73) directly from ports with the same result.

However, I could now check line 730 in Imap.php and it is unchanged between both versions and is an error handler anyways - so the error message thrown by horde is rather useless IMO.

The imap server, against which authentication is made, logs an aborted/incomplete login:

Apr 19 15:59:33 dovecot dovecot: imap-login: Aborted login (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>, rip=<redacted>, lip=, session=<toZFvVPArvstmbPh>