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Reported: 2021-11-26 12:20 UTC by lu9dce
Modified: 2021-12-03 01:29 UTC (History)
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Description lu9dce 2021-11-26 12:20:20 UTC
it is necessary to update


for the functioning of new programs like wsjtz / wsjtx / cqrlog / fldigi

Comment 1 lu9dce 2021-12-02 22:52:17 UTC
 Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez freebsd_committer 2021-12-01 05:56:12 UTC

Hi, could you test the following ports?


You must to remove comms/hamlib and comms/wsjtz froms your ports tree and replace them. it will update hamlib to 4.x and wsjtz to 2.5.x. Take in mind you must remove hamlib and wsjtz if they have been installed in your FreeBSD previously


tks 73

Comment 2 commit-hook freebsd_committer 2021-12-03 01:19:37 UTC
A commit in branch main references this bug:

URL: https://cgit.FreeBSD.org/ports/commit/?id=8e39e791b0a924a214da86bc4808dacb7d114393

commit 8e39e791b0a924a214da86bc4808dacb7d114393
Author:     Diane Bruce <db@FreeBSD.org>
AuthorDate: 2021-12-03 00:53:00 +0000
Commit:     Diane Bruce <db@FreeBSD.org>
CommitDate: 2021-12-03 00:53:00 +0000

    comms/hamlib: Major updates needed for other programs

    "it is necessary to update


    for the functioning of new programs like wsjtz / wsjtx / cqrlog / fldigi

    tks lu9dce"

    From Hamlib NEWS
    Hamlib -- History of visible changes.

    Copyright (C) 2000-2003  Frank Singleton
    Copyright (C) 2000-2021  Stephane Fillod, and others
    Copyright (C) 2000-2021  Michael Black W9MDB, and others

    Please send Hamlib bug reports to hamlib-developer@lists.sourceforge.net

    Version 4.3.1
            * 2021-09-14
            * Bug fix release
                - Do not do vfo_fixup on satmode rigs
                - Fix compilation of misc.c with gmtime_r replacement function for
                - Fix python build.  For some reason casting tp vfo_t in the
                  RIG_VFO_N macro broke the swig parsing
                - Append the missing information to build hamlib v4.3 for Android
                - Change set_icom_set_mode_with_data to not change mode unless
                - Since Icom rigs default to filter 2 if a filter is not selected
                  we will do the same when turning on data mode
                - Fix segfault in kenwood_set_vfo
                - scripts: Update example in readme, since 4.0 817 is 1020
                - Make testlibusb.c compatible with libusb < 1.0.23
                  Note: On systems with libusb < 1.0.23 a warning will be emmitted
                  but compliation should proceed without error.
                - Update testlibusb.c warning to "may be" instead of "will be"
                - Change kenwood to only set VFOA default on 1st rig_open call

    Version 4.3
            * 2021-09-01
            * libusb-1.0.23 or greater is now required or use --without-libusb
            * Generating documentation now requires GNU source-highlighter.
            * Added IC-575
            * Less VFO swapping of newer Icom rigs -- zero swapping in WSJTX and JTDX
            * Dual rotator control in rotctl -R option
            * Started work on simulators -- very crude right now but usable to debug some things
            * Overhaul of rig split -- reverse split (VFOA=RX VFOB=TX) should work for rigs capable of it
              Starting VFO does not matter -- rig will end up on RX VFO
              S VFOA 1 VFOB
              S VFOB 1 VFOA
              S Main 1 Sub
              S Sub 1 Main

    Version 4.2
            * 2021-05-17
            * New rig_get_mode_bandwidths -- returns token set for bandwidths for given mode
                  Rig command: \get_mode_bandwidths CW
            * New rig_get_info  -- returns token set for all vfos where order does not matter
              This is a string return to allow for easy future expansion without changing the API
              New tokens may be introduced and can be skipped if not used by clients
                  Rig command: \get_rig_info
                  VFO=Main Freq=145000000 Mode=None Width=0 RX=1 TX=1
                  VFO=VFOB Freq=145000000 Mode=FM Width=15000 RX=0 TX=0
                  Split=0 SatMode=0
            * New rig_get_vfo_info
                  Rig command: \get_vfo_info VFOA
                  Freq: 145000000
                  Mode: None
                  Width: 0
                  Split: 0
                  SatMode: 0

            * FILPATHLEN has changed to HAMLIB_FILPATHLEN

            * USRP lib and gnuradio are deprecated and will be removed in 5.0
            * Added Radan rotator
            * Added Malachite SDR
            * Major rework for PRM80
            * Add twiddle_timeout and twiddle_rit --set-conf options
                  rigctld --set-conf=twiddle_timeout=5,twiddle_rit=1
                  This will set the twiddle timeout to 5 seconds and turn on twiddle_rit
                  For twiddle timeout VFOB will not be polled for 5 seconds after VFO twiddling
                  is detected
            * rigctld --twiddle is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0 along with
              get_twiddle and set_twiddle
            * Rework Doxygen manual including default layout for Doxygen 1.9.1.  So far
              the amplifier, rotator, and utilities API sections have been updated.  The
              rig (radio) section remains to be updated.

    Version 4.1
            * rigctld and rigs should be more robust for disconnect problems
            * Several fixes for Icom and Yaesu rigs
            * Nobody should need to use rig->caps or rig->state anymore
                 If you need a variable added please contact us.
                 Note that rig->state abstraction is not implemented yet...no need known
            * New rig_get_caps_int and rig_get_caps_cptr functions to replace using caps-> values
            * New rig_get_function to replace using caps-> function pointers
            * Fix shared library problem with WSJTX, JTDX, and JS8Call
            * New model Barrett 950

    Version 4.0
            * API/ABI changes, advance ABI to 4 0 0.
            * Add GPIO and GPION options for DCD.  Jeroen Vreeken
            * New backend: ELAD FDM DUO.  Giovanni, HB9EIK.
            * New RIG_LEVEL_RFPOWER_METER_WATTS level
            * All channel functions now take a vfo argument
            * New rotator backend: iOptron. Bob, KD8CGH
            * New model: Icom IC-R8600.  Ekki, DF4OR
            * New utility: rigctlcom.  Mike, W9MDB
            * New model: FT847UNI for unidirectional early serial numbers.  Mike, W9MDB
            * Remove GNU Texinfo files and build system dependency.
            * Rig model numbers have changed to allow future growth
            * Fix a lot of static code analysis errors and warnings.  Mike, W9MDB
            * Rearrange directory structure to put rigs and rotators sources
              under their own subdirectories.  Mike, W9MDB
            * rig_get_channel changed to add read_only flag.
            * rigctl(d) f command also returns VFO now.
            * caching of vfo, frequency, mode, and ptt speeds up rigctld for all.
            * caching of kenwood/yaesu "IF" speeds up polling from WSJTX/JTDX.
            * rig_get_channel now has read_only flag but it still needs to be
              implemented based on rig behavior, so if you use rig_get_channel you
              may get a RIG_ENIMPL error to contact us for fixing it.
            * New rig backend for Elecraft K4.
            * New rig backend for PowerSDR (Flex and Apache users).
            * Many fixes and enhancements.  Mike, W9MDB and many contributors
            * PTT port is no longer shared by default, use --set-conf=ptt_share=1 to enable
    PR:             ports/260065
    Reported by:    castilloeduardo@outlook.com.ar

 comms/hamlib/Makefile                             | 17 +++---
 comms/hamlib/distinfo                             |  6 +--
 comms/hamlib/files/patch-tests_testlibusb.c (new) | 29 ++++++++++
 comms/hamlib/pkg-plist                            | 64 +++++++++++++----------
 4 files changed, 76 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)