Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
IntelNetworking Tag to indicate this is a bug that should be reviewed by the Intel FreeBSD Dev Team. Search 290
ThunderX Issues affecting the Cavium ThunderX arm64 platform Search 8
accessibility Issues related to ensuring that the FreeBSD community and its work is accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability. Search 17
bhyve bhyve hypervisor and tools: vmm(4), bhyve(4), bhyveload(8), bhyvectl(4) Search 22
buildisok Sources with the patch applied build fine Search 2449
cam Common Access Method (CAM) Storage Subsystem Search 5
crash Application, kernel or system crashes (Eg: panics, segfault, etc) Search 450
dogfood Issues related to using FreeBSD by or inside the FreeBSD Project and its developers. Can also relate to making development easier to consume for users (See: Search 89
easy A new contributor with some knowledge of the domain would be able to solve this problem in less than a week. Search 3530
feature Adds or Requests a Feature or Enhancement Search 1273
hwpmc hwpmc(4) - Hardware Performance Monitoring Counter support - related bugs Search 4
i915 Intel i915 Video / GPU Driver Search 36
iflib Network (I)nter(f)ace (Lib)rary & Driver Framework Search 12
install Issues relating to installing FreeBSD (bsdinstall, etc.) Search 25
ipfilter Issues relating to ipf/ipfilter Search 3
ipv6 Issues related to IPv6, including kernel bugs and lack of support in userland utilities. Search 26
loader Bugs occuring before control is passed to the kernel or the loader provokes in the kernel. Search 18
mmccam Issue associated with the new SD/MMC/SDIO stack, MMCCAM Search 1
mountroot Bugs related to the root filesystem device not being available at mountroot time. Search 2
needs-patch Needs a patch to progress. Remove when updated patch is provided Search 2163
needs-qa Needs QA testing, results or confirmation, questions answered, further information, confirmation or reproduction. Remove keyword when QA is no longer required Search 5380
needs-staging This keyword is deprecated. Specifies a port that requires staging. See: Search 8
panic Describes a kernel panic Search 260
patch Contains a patch relevant to resolving the issue. May require testing, review or both. Search 10532
patch-ready Contains a patch that has been reviewed briefly and looks good enough for testing and commit. Search 3070
performance Issues that improve, impact or are related to performance Search 84
pkgbase Packaging or Packaged FreeBSD "base" distribution Search 16
regression Degradation or unintentional change in expected or previously working behaviour Search 1336
security Potential or actual security issue. CVE's, Security releases, updates, backports or equivalent Search 909
spam Tag issues that are obvious spam with this keyword to make removal easier Search 1
standards Standards compatibility, compliance (POSIX, RFC, etc) or standards related. Search 20
stress2 A problem found by the stress2 test suite. Search 12
toolchain Toolchain Components: Compiler, Linker, Debugger, elf toolchain tools, binutils, etc Search 37
tracking Tracking bug: a designation for a meta-bug that tracks the state of other bugs. Search 17
uefi Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot Search 54
vimage VIMAGE or VNET related bugs. Search 31
vt vt(4) Console Subsystem Search 83